Forget HDR Software – 5 Ways To Blend Any Exposures In Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In this week's tutorial, I show you 5 ways to blend any exposures in Photoshop. Anyone who has followed my website and blog for a while will know that I stopped using any form of HDR software a long time ago. I believe that, while certain [...]

Photoshop Secrets 23: The Easy Way To Stitch difficult Panoramas

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Panoramas can be tricky to shoot and stitch together. When done well, they can also be extremely impacting. But sometimes, Photoshop, or other panorama software, don't like the files you're trying to stitch together. In this tutorial, I show you two awesome techniques to stitch even [...]

By | May 18th, 2016|Most Popular Tutorials, Photoshop Secrets|5 Comments

CJ7: How To Edit A Foggy, Moody Landscape In Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Foggy landscapes are often inherently moody scenes. It isn't too difficult to edit these landscapes in Photoshop. In this case we started out with a beautifully composed image which was a little under exposed, with a strong blue colour cast. We finished with a softly-contrasting image, [...]

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Photoshop Secrets 20: Easily Remove Distortion (Perspective & Barrel)

Article By Jimmy McIntyre This tutorial will teach you two techniques for correcting both barrel distortion and perspective distortion in Photoshop. The first method, which I use in most of my images, is quick, easy and uses the Distort function in Photoshop. I usually check Enable Lens Profile Corrections in [...]

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PS Secrets 18: How To Remove Noise But Keep Beautiful Details

Article By Jimmy McIntyre This week's tutorial is a superb technique for removing a great deal of noise from your image in Photoshop, without losing any details. If we are forced to shoot at a high ISO due to low light, we will probably end up with a lot of [...]

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Photoshop Secrets 17: 5 Ways To Color Correct Beautifully (Even Remove Strong Casts)

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Download JM Colour Action Download the free tools you saw in the video. In today's Photoshop Secrets, we will look at a number of very effective ways to remove even the strongest colour casts in Photoshop. These techniques are quick and easy. Three [...]

By | February 21st, 2016|Most Popular Tutorials, Photoshop Secrets|8 Comments

Quick Photoshop Secrets 16: Perfect Sharpening & Resize for the Web

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Download JM Sharpening Tools Download the free tools you saw in the video. In today's Photoshop tutorial, we look at how to resize and sharpen our photos so that they are beautifully sharp for the web. We use a tried-and-tested method for coming [...]

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Challenge Jimmy 2: Perfect Exposure Blending by Combining 3 methods in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre This episode's image comes from Jamen Long, who found it difficult to cleanly blend the exposures where the tree and sky meet, which ended up with dark edging. In this video, we will learn how to smoothly blend the two exposures using 3 different exposure blending [...]

Photoshop Secrets 12: Awesome Frequency Separation for Landscape/Cityscape Photos

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Frequency separation is an immensely useful tool in Photoshop, which portrait photographs have been enjoying for a long time. But we can also use frequency separation to drastically clean up our images, giving our photos a beautiful finishing touch. In this video I show you how [...]

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Challenge Jimmy 1: Exposure Blending Tutorial In Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Welcome to the first episode of Challenge Jimmy, where you, the subscriber, can send me your RAW files which you found difficult to process. I take up the challenge and try to offer you advice which may help you with future images. To take [...]

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