Tutorial – How to Remove Tourists From Your Photos

Article by Jimmy McIntyre: Sometimes photographers are a strange group of people. We take pictures of amazing places and whenever a tourist walks into the shot we grumble to ourselves 'stupid tourist!' There are certain techniques that photographers employ to remove tourists or people from their photos. I'll show you a less commonly known tutorial, [...]

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Tutorial – How to create a cityscape reflection in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Download Free Luminosity Masks here: Free Luminosity Mask Actions Every now and then we have the good fortune of capturing a beautiful cityscape scene with tall buildings reflected crisply in a river. Sometimes, however, things don't go our way and we choose to become somewhat creative. This article will show you [...]

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Tutorial – How to add the Milky Way in photos

Article by Jimmy McIntyre: Usually my post-processing is restricted to the brackets that I have of a particular scene. I try to bring out, as much as possible, the best in that scene. Sometimes, however, I feel that an image can benefit from some creative blending of separate images. In this tutorial we'll look at [...]

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