Easy Panel 2.0 is Here – Free 16 Bit Luminosity Mask Panel

Existing Easy Panel/Newsletter Subscribers If you already subscribe to my newsletters, then you do not need to register for the new panel. I have already emailed you the download link. The email may have gone to your spam. So please go into your emails and search for anything from Jimmy McIntyre. You should see my [...]

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InstaMask for CS6 Beta Version

Good news for Photoshop CS6 users. We have developed a version of InstaMask for Photoshop CS6. It will be released fully by February 28th, along with the Raya Pro 3.0 update. However, if you are an existing CS6 Raya Pro owner, we are looking for testers. If you'd like an early release of the panel, [...]

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Raya Pro vs InstaMask – What is the Difference?

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Since the release of InstaMask, I've receive a few email asking about the differences between InstaMask and Raya Pro. In this video I demonstrate the main strengths of each panel and how they differ. Essentially, Raya Pro is a total workflow panel. It has everything for every step of our [...]

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3 ways to Crush/Lift the Blacks in Photoshop (Easy film look)

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Mathieu Stern shows us how to achieve that faded film look in Photoshop. This trendy style can be done via different ways, 3 of which Mathieu shows here. From raising the shadows of a curves layer, to selective colouring, to adding a Colour Fill layer, you [...]

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Understanding The 3 Primary Metering Modes

Article By Jimmy McIntyre The guys at SLR Lounge have created a very concise guide to understanding and using the three most common metering modes: Spot, Average and Matrix (they may be called something else on your camera). For simple scenes, Matrix or Average metering will suffice, especially if you're [...]

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Recover Under Exposed Image – Landscape Photography RAW Editing Tutorial

  Andrei Oprinca, takes us through the Lightroom workflow he uses to rescue an under exposed landscape image. What he comes out with is a balanced image with no under under exposed or over exposed areas. This video is mainly for beginners to lightroom. And, as always, I highly recommend that you bracket [...]

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How to Edit the Milky Way in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Michael Woloszynowicz, apart from being an all-round-nice guy, is known for his beautifully frank portrait work. However, his skills are not limited to portraits. He has some beautiful cityscapes and landscapes too.  In this video, Michael shows us some of the steps he uses [...]

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Create A Beautiful Sunset Glow In Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Our second Glyn Dewis tutorial in two weeks shows us a wonderfully innovative way to create a beautiful sunset glow in our images. This technique isn't limited to composites. It can be used to enhance any sunset/sunrise image. In my opinion, this technique is [...]

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Your Ideas – The New Raya Pro Panel

Photography friends, something exciting is happening! 6 weeks ago I asked myself, if I could have the ideal Photoshop panel, what would it include? I set about documenting various workflows I use with the goal of creating for myself this ideal panel. I have now arrived at the final stages of development for this wonderful [...]

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Perspective & Panoramic Blending for Landscape Photography

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Dave Morrow has created a great video tutorial for us this week on perspective and panorama blending for landscapes. A combination of shooting and post-processing techniques, there are a few things photographers of any level can pick up here. I particularly love his use of the Clone Stamp in creating [...]

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