7 Powerful Photography Tips for Amazing Photos

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How To Take Amazing Photos: 7 Simple & Powerful Photography Tips

7 Powerful Photography Tips for Amazing Photos

Joshua Cripps offers us some great shooting advice to make our photos more impacting. My two particular favourites are ‘fill the frame’ and ‘simplify and exaggerate’.

When composing, like most photographers, I’m not running through a list of rules that I need to follow. I go through a process of finding impacting foreground and background subjects that compliment each other. I make sure to fill the frame as much as possible with these two elements, so that both are immediately impacting. This usually involved getting down low to capture the foreground.

I often try to visualise my final image as a thumbnail, kind of like an image that we see on our facebook timelines. If an image is impacting even at that small size, then the composition, in my mind, is often a strong one. That is why it’s extremely important that we preview our shots right after taking them. Not only can we make sure each image is nice and sharp, we can pay particular attention to how we feel when our preview image first pops up on the screen. Is it impacting or not? If not, we may need to re-compose.

This is where filling the frame comes in. In order for the image to be impacting at the size of our camera previews, we have to make sure that our interesting elements are large enough and nicely positioned. A small mountain way in the background, for example, won’t be impacting as a thumbnail or a large image. But a large mountain in the background filling much of the frame and with a complimentary foreground, will be immediately impacting regardless of the size we view it.

Check out Joshua’s video for the rest of his great tips for shooting.


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7 Powerful Photography Tips for Amazing Photos
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4 years ago

This is one of the clearest landscape composition tips lesson I have ever seen. I spent ages in classes learning what Josh said in a few minutes. A must see for those wanting to improve their landscape skills. Thanks for sharing Jimmy.

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