Adding Fog to an Image in Photoshop

Adding Fog to an Image in Photoshop

Getting out of bed early in the morning to capture a sleepy image with overlying fog can be an absolute treat. As we can’t rely on the weather it might be handy for us to know how to add fog or mist. Adding such an element to our images can completely transform them. Fog adds a dreamy effect and mysticism which can be such a complementary addition to almost any photo. If it wasn’t present at the same moment that you were, why not try adding fog to an image in photoshop by following this video tutorial by Tom Norske.

ADDING FOG TO YOUR IMAGES | Photoshop tutorial

Our Review

This tutorial has been created by Tom Norske of Tom is a Filmmaker, Photographer and Digital artist from Melbourne, Australia. He shoots wedding films. But beyond that, he also works with tourism boards, creates content on YouTube & instagram, And host the podcast Reel life.

In this tutorial, Tom really simplifies his process. Again I have found other tutorials on the same subject, but I like the strength and the effect that this workflow leaves behind. Let’s take you through Tom’s process step by step


Step-By-Step Guide

1. Add a new layer.
adding fog to an image
2. Edit the new layer in Quick Mask mode.
3. Add a Difference Clouds filter by going to Filters>Render>Difference Clouds.
add  mist to an image
4. Exit Quick Mask Mode
enter quick mask editing
5. Press Shift+Backspace to fill the layer with white.
add mist to a photgraph
6. Press Ctrl+D or Cmd+D to deselect the active selection.
7. Press Crtl+T or Cmd+T to Transform this layer.
add fog to a photograph
8. Expand this layer by 800-1000%.
adding fog to a photograph
9. Take the rectangular marquee tool and drag a selection over the visible portion. Once you have an active selection, press Ctrl+C (Cmd+C) then Ctrl+V (Cmd+V) to copy and paste your selection into a new layer.
adding mist to a photograph
10. Then delete the original fog layer.
11. Now add a mask to the new layer.
add a fog mask
12. Invert the mask you added by pressing Ctrl+I (Cmd+I). Tom has used ‘fill’ to hide the mask by pressing Ctrl+backspace (Cmd+backspace).
create fog in images
13. Select the Brust tool with a white foreground colour. With various brush size, opacity, and flow, begin to paint in you mask in areas you want to reveal fog.
create a misty image
14. You can use the Transform tool to add some perspective to your fog layer.

Look at the transformation in these images.

hot to add mist to photos in photoshop

adding fog to an image in photoshop

adding mist to an image in photoshop

how to add fog to an image in photoshop

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Adding Fog to an Image in Photoshop
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