Using the Brush Tool to Paint a Mask

How To Use The Brush Tool to Paint a Mask The Difference Between Opacity and Flow Opacity is the level of transparency of your brush. A solid brush has an opacity of 100%, . Whereas, a brush with 1% Opacity will barely be seen at all. When you left-click and hold to paint with a […]

4 Ways to Adjust Levels

Ways to Adjust Levels In Photoshop What Levels Adjustment Sliders Do  Levels Adjustments sliders are used to define what is black and what is white by their tonal value. By moving the sliders we can set what range we use to determine how pixel tones fit within a grayscale range. The scale from black to […]

Blend If For Beginners

Using Blend If In Photoshop Blend If Explained The way Blend If works is by using luminosity masking. Using the sliders, you can control the visibility of layer content by it’s grayscale value or luminosity. 255 being white and 0 being black. Where colours fit within that grayscale depends on their brightness and saturation. In […]

Two-minute Photography Tutorial On ETTR and Photoshop

Two-minute Photography Tutorial On ETTR and Photoshop Article by Bob Coates While this is a tutorial on post processing using Photoshop I want to start with choosing the file with which we work. When digital imaging first came about we had to make sure that absolutely no highlights were blown out in any of the […]

How To Focus Stack In Photoshop (manual and auto methods)

How To Focus Stack In Photoshop In this tutorial we look at how to focus stack in Photoshop by using the easy automatic setting which takes just a couple of clicks. We also try a simple manual technique using layer masking as well as discussing why you might want to focus stack your landscape images […]

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