How To Change Colour On Just One Layer

Change Colour On Just One Layer How Do Clipping Masks Work With Adjustment Layers Say we have an image with multiple layers and we only want to adjust one. When you add an Adjustment Layer, in this example we’re going to use a Hue/Saturation Layer. When you begin to change the hue or saturation, it […]

Add Colour to Highlights in Photoshop

Add Colour To Highlights For Beginners Why Have We Used This Method By using a luminosity mask to add colour to highlights we can control exactly where the colour presents itself. The colour blends and fades naturally with the tones of the image. There is a quicker method to simply add colour using the Blend […]

Frequency Separation For Beginners

Frequency Separation For Beginners How Does Frequency Separation Work? The way Frequency Separation works is by separating the colours and the textures. Once these have been separated from each other, we can make adjustments to them individually to remove anything that we don’t want in our photos. With the colours, if there is unwanted tones […]

A Hidden Way To Add Precision Contrast To Your Photos

A Hidden Way To Add Precision Contrast To Your Photos Article by Brian Knott. If you would like to write for us, please read here. There are numerous ways to add precision contrast to an image and they vary in many ways. There’s everything from the built-in contrast slider in Photoshop or ACR to the […]

An Introduction To Levels In Photoshop For Beginners

Levels In Photoshop For Beginners What Level Adjustments Do And How They Affect Your Image Levels adjustments give you a fantastic level of control over the shadows and highlights in your images. By adjusting sliders, you can change the whole tone of your image to give more character to your photos. The Levels Adjustment panel […]

How to Straighten Buildings in Photoshop

Straighten Buildings in Photoshop What Does The Transform Perspective Function Do? This functions simply changes the perspective of an image. Much like how a short fence post would appear to an ant compared to how it would appear to us. Often when we take pictures with large buildings in them the buildings tend to lean. […]

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