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Easy Panel 2.0 is Here – Free 16 Bit Luminosity Mask Panel

Existing Easy Panel/Newsletter Subscribers If you already subscribe to my newsletters, then you do not need to register for the new panel. I have already emailed you the download link. The email may have gone [...]

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Tutorial – How (And Why) To Make 16 bit Saturation Masks in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre It has been a while since I have posted any tutorials. I'm in the process of updating Raya Pro and InstaMask. This will be available by February 28th. Remember that [...]

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Tutorial – Complex Luminosity Masks Made Easy With InstaMask in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In this latest InstaMask tutorial, I show you two ways of using luminosity masks - one simple method for exposure blending, and another, more complex method for targeting a very [...]

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Edit A Stunning Sunset/Sunrise in Photoshop with Luminosity Masks

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In today's video we look specifically at luminosity masks and exposure blending a beautiful sunset. We look at some more advanced techniques here, learning how to create a realistic, natural [...]

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BTS: Composing Milky Way & Golden Hour Shots At The Lavender Fields

Article By Jimmy McIntyre All images in the video were editing with Raya Pro/InstaMask I've just wrapped up a 10-day visit to Valensole, France, to capture the famous lavender fields there. My aim was [...]

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InstaMask Tutorial (full workflow) – How To Blend Exposures In Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Get InstaMask & Raya Pro Now Download Here: Existing users download InstaMask here: This is the first tutorial showing you some of the fantastic new techniques InstaMask has [...]

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Blend ANY Exposures With This Tip in Photoshop Including Interior Photos

Article By Jimmy McIntyre A big thank you to Hamish Niven for sending in his beautiful images for Challenge Jimmy. If you would like to take part in Challenge Jimmy, please send your initial [...]

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