Gradiate Purchase Options

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Purchase Options for Gradiate

To purchase Gradiate, choose one of the options below. After that you will receive an instant email with download links to the products you now own. And of course, all installation instructions are included in the download.


Option 1

Gradiate Plugin

$24.99 USD


Compatible with Windows and Mac.

This option for Gradiate Plugin which is compatible with CC2018-2021. All purchasers receive free Gradiate upgrades for life. PayPal and credit cards are accepted. You can download now or later, the choice is yours.

Option 2

Gradiate Plugin
Raya Pro 5.0 Suite

$59.99 (full price $69.98)


This option includes both plugins Gradiate (CC2018-2021) and Raya Pro 5.0 (CS6 and CC).

Option 3

The Complete Jimmy McIntyre Collection

(every single product included)

$179.99 (worth over $400)


What’s included?

Jimmy’s Big 5 Photos Course

Raya Pro 5.0 (CS6 & CC)

Lumi32 for CC (Windows & Mac)

Mastering Lumi32 Course

Gradiate Plugin (CC2018-2021)

Exposure Blend Like An Expert With InstaMask

Art of Photography Course

Art of Digital Blending

Bonus Presets and Actions

Beginner’s Photoshop Course



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