Invite To Edit In Photoshop

Invite To Edit Photoshop

Invite To Edit In Photoshop

Adobe released an updater for Photoshop version 22 also known as CC 2021 in the middle of February 2021. The updated version 22.2 has a brilliant new feature called Invite to Edit. This feature allows you to save the project that you’re working with on the cloud and invite someone to assist or help with your edit. Now you can remotely share with a work colleague who is working from home or another office or you can simply ask a friend for a hand on a project. This is Adobes first real step into the world of remote collaboration, where we used to have to save a project to a cloud-based storage platform like OneDrive or DropBox now file-sharing can all be done directly through Photoshop. Have a look at how to Invite to Edit in Photoshop.

Invite to Edit in Photoshop


How To Use Invite To Edit in Photoshop


1. Click on the Invite To Edit icon near the top right-hand corner of Photoshop version 22.2 or above.

Invite To Edit In Photoshop


2. If you haven’t already done so, save the project as a cloud document to invite people to help edit it.

Invite To Edit In Photoshop


3. Give the document a name and click Save.


4. Now the project you’re working on in Photoshop should have a small cloud symbol at the beginning of its window tab and be saved as a PSDC file.


5. You will now see a popup similar to this.

Invite To Edit In Photoshop


6. In the Add People box enter the email address of the person that you want to invite to edit your document. You will also have the option to add a message. Once you have the email address entered and your message click on Invite to Edit.


7. A notification will then be sent to that person’s Creative Cloud account to help edit your document.

Limitations to Invite To Edit in Photoshop

  • Only one person can edit a document at a time. So once you send the invite you should close the image down in Photoshop and allow the invited user time to see your invite and make their adjustments.
  • The person you are inviting to edit must also have Photoshop version 22.2 or above as the Invite To Edit feature didn’t exist in previous versions.
  • You MUST send the invite to the users Creative Cloud email address, this could differ from their day to day email address. It must be the same email address that they have their Creative Cloud subscription under.
  • You can invite more than one person to edit your image, but remember only one person can edit at a time.
  • The image must be saved to the cloud so you must have an Internet connection.


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Invite To Edit In Photoshop

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Invite To Edit In Photoshop

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Invite To Edit In Photoshop

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Invite To Edit In Photoshop

Invite To Edit In Photoshop
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