Landscape photography composite blending tutorial

composite blending tutorial

Landscape photography composite blending tutorial

Creating a composite seems to be very popular when it comes to restoring glory to an image. I prefer to take the right photo at the right time. But, sometimes the natural elements just don’t work in our favour. That big blue thing called the sky can be the making or breaking of a good photo. More often than not we abandon an image of a good foreground subject if the sky is blown out and overexposed or even just lacking character. Anyone can combine images to make a composite, literally anyone. With the tools in photoshop, it is easy. However, doing it right when the blend looks natural is a different ball game altogether. There are so many bad examples out there and this tutorial explains why they are bad and what needs to be considered in order to do it right.

How to replace a sky in Photoshop the right way! Landscape photography composite blending tutorial.

Our Review

This tutorial has been created by Joshua Cripps of Josh has a load of videos on his youtube channel and his friendly personable demeanour make them so easy to watch. He takes you on a journey with him to photoshoots and explains his thought process. Or, from the comfort of his home brings you some useful photoshop tutorials. Josh has been sharing his photographs with us for over 10 years and his portfolio is amazing, be sure to check it out.

What I like about this tutorial, in particular, is that Josh is trying to teach us how to make a composite. He teaches us what to watch out for when making a good composite. There are tons of tutorials out there on replacing skies but not many which show the level of detail in refining the replacements. 

Here are some key factors that Josh has pointed out to consider when creating a Landscape photography composite image.

  • Lighting Direction
  • Lighting Colour
  • Scale
  • Perspective
  • Alignment
  • Exposure Matching
  • Exposure Colour Matching

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and that it has inspired you to try something different with your images. 

The correct way to create a composite. Your eyes can be fooled by a bad composite but not your brain. If you look at an image and it doesn’t quite seem right it will never be accepted in your mind’s eye.

Landscape photography composite

Landscape photography composite


Additional Resources

A master of composites from the extreme to the subtle is an artist we admire massively Glyn Dewis shows us how to Create A Beautiful Sunset Glow In Photoshop.


Are they good or bad?
Do they make you less of a photographer?
Do they make you more of an Artist?

There’s a lot of mixed opinions on creating composites. Especially in Landscape photography. Two articles that look at composites from the opposite end of each spectrum are. Fake it to Make it – Creating Convincing Photo Composites and 40 Masterful Examples of Photo Manipulation bot of which make for an interesting read.

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Landscape photography composite blending tutorial
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