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Lumi32 – Powerful 32 Bit Luminosity Mask Plugin

The Most Powerful 32 Bit Luminosity Mask Plugin In The World

What is Lumi 32?

Lumi32 is the future of luminosity masks. It creates pixel-precise 32 bit masks that can be crafted and shaped in anyway with just the push of a slider.

Watch the video to the right to find out more.

Lumi32 Has Arrived! - Next Gen Luminosity Mask Plugin/Panel

Lumi32 is used by over 4,500 Photographers to get the very best results in exposure blending with its powerful and precise 32-Bit luminosity masks.

Lumi32 Customer Reviews


Lumi32 is the only one panel you can master in 5 minutes if you have some background luminosity knowledge. Once again, Jimmy’s product is worth every penny.” Mike Chen


“If you ever worked with luminosity mask panels, Lumi32 lifts it to the next level. With Lumi32 I don´t only have preset masks like on other panels, now I can also adjust the masks very easy to my own preferences and get an instant live preview – that´s awesome! The handling is very easy and intuitive and it absolutely improves and speeds up my workflow. Thanks Jimmy for the great work.” Helmut Koch


“The Lumi32 panel is phenomenal. Installation was perfect, a simple double click. The interface is uncluttered, intuitive, and interactive and hands down one of the most enjoyable panels I’ve ever used. Loving the color-coded histogram to show what the current parameters are affecting, I feel like a little kid playing a game. The speed of this panel is really impressive; the sliders have no lag, and the processing is ridiculously fast. Thanks for putting this together, it will be my go-to!” Tom Marasco

Features of Lumi32

  • 32 bit luminosity masks, expertly crafted from years of experience, that will give you the best possible selection in your photos.
  • Mask generation done outside Photoshop for greater precision and greater tone seperation.
  • 100% user-defined masks, which means you can create your own presets within the plugin that you can quickly access whenever you need.
  • Create precise masks based on individual RGB channels.
  • Harness the power of LAB mode and Saturation masks.
  • Gain pin-perfect control with Zone Masks.
  • Point and Click for absolute convenience.
  • Convenient live histogram that shows you every single tone included in your mask.

What’s New in Version 1.5?

Our users spoke and we listened. In the 1.5 updated we added two new presets to save your own luminosity masks to. An Include/Exclude button now sits below the sliders which inverts our mask. And the Select button is much more convenient. Press Select and you’re ready to start painting. No extra steps needed.

Lumi32: The 32 Bit Luminosity Mask Plugin Just Got Better

Jimmy’s Images Before and After using Lumi32

Who is Jimmy McIntyre

Jimmy is a travel photographer and author who has photographed much of the world, taught photography on four continents, and worked recently with Nikon on a large release of their new ultra wide angle lens. See the below video.

He has been specializing in luminosity masks and exposure blending for many years, and his techniques are taught at various universities around the globe. You can see his portfolio here: Jimmy McIntyre’s Portfolio

Nikon Z tips: Shooting wide with the NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S lens

Lumi32 from $39.99


Is this a free upgrade to Raya Pro users? Lumi32 is not a free upgrade as it is a separate piece of software.

Is Lumi32 compatible with CS6? The plugin is only compatible with Photoshop CC, including the most recent version.

What are the system requirements? Hardware * CPU: Intel Core or AMD Ryzen (CPU with SSE4 Support). * Memory: 4 [GB] of RAM (8 [GB] and above is recommended). ## Operating System * Windows: Windows 7 64 Bit / Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) / Windows 10 (64 Bit) / Windows 11 (64 Bit). * macOS: macOS 10.9 and above. ## Host * Adobe Photoshop 64 Bit Version Photoshop CC 2015 / Photoshop CC 2017 / Photoshop CC 2018 / Photoshop CC 2019 / Photoshop CC 2020 / Photoshop CC 2021 / Photoshop CC 2022 / Photoshop CC 2023 / Photoshop CC 2024.

Does this come with tutorials? Yes, it does, very basic ones. It will come with three videos that will show you what each function does and how to blend simple exposures. You can see all videos here: Lumi32 Training. However, this is not an extensive training package, so we recommend you include the Mastering Lumi32 course in your purchase so that you excel in exposure blending, as quickly as possible.

Do we get free upgrades for life? No but existing users of Lumi32 will get heavily discounted upgrades, should they choose to upgrade. Since I’m working with a dedicated developer, the costs are too high to give free upgrades.

Does this work on Mac? This is both Windows and Mac ready, including MacOs Catalina. It is not affected by the 32 bit removal in Catalina, as it is not a standalone piece of software and works entirely within Photoshop’s 64 bit environment. M1 & M2 Mac devices that run PS 22.3 or above will temporarily not be able to access Lumi32 since these updates disabled legacy extensions. You will need to run PS v22.2 or you can still use the older extensions in emulation mode if needed. However, you would need to install the extension while running in Rosetta emulation mode on devices with Apple Silicon M1 & M2 processors.

Does this work with Affinity? No, Affinity does not have the capability to use panels at all.

How do we install it? Fortunately, for Mac and Windows users, there is a simple auto-installer (Windows exe file, Mac dmg) that does it for you. All you need to do is double-click.

Does this work in other languages? Lumi32 works perfectly in ALL language versions of Photoshop. However, the plugin is always in English.

Does Lumi32 work with smart objects? It works perfectly with smart objects, as SO’s are a major part of my workflow.

How many machines can I install Lumi32 on? You can install the software on up to 3 different personal machines. You cannot purchase Lumi32 and share it with others.

Do you accept credit cards? We accept PayPal and Credit Cards.

What type of license is this? This is an individual license. Only you, the customer can install and use Lumi32 on your personal machines.

If I purchase the panel do I have to download it immediately? Not at all! If you’re at work or even on a train and you buy the panel, an email with the download link will go to the email address you included in the payment. You can then download it when it’s more convenient for you!

Are the masks still 32 bit if I work in 8 bit or 16 bit in Photoshop? That’s correct. The masks are built around a 32 bit algorithm outside Photoshop. So whatever your preferences in Photoshop, 8 bit or 16 bit, you will still get 32 bit masks. The only time this changes is if you make an active selection with the mask (marching ants), because all active selections in Photoshop are 8 bit. This is a Photoshop limitation.

How does Lumi32 affect future Raya Pro updates? Raya Pro and Lumi32 are unrelated products. As such, Raya Pro will still be updated in the same way it was previously. Lumi32 does not affect this in any way.

How is Lumi32 different to Raya Pro? Firstly, Raya Pro is an all-round Photoshop suite, which means it has literally everything for your digital workflow (detail enhancers, colour correction, CA correction, Orton Effect, sharpeners etc). It is one of the most popular panels in the world and continues to help thousands of photographers create beautiful images.

Within Raya Pro is InstaMask. This is a panel specialising in creating the best luminosity masks Photoshop can provide. There is also a fantastic course for InstaMask, Exposure Blend Like an Expert, which will take you from absolute beginner to genuis exposure blender in the quickest possible way.

Here is a video which will outline many of the wonderful tools within Raya Pro.

Raya Pro would be my first choice every time over Lumi32 if I could only choose one. Almost all of my images within my portfolio were created using Raya Pro. Here is my portfolio:

Here is a video showing how I’d combine Lumi32 and Raya Pro:

Awesome 32 Bit Luminosity Mask Tutorial - Lumi32 + Raya Pro

Lumi32 is a highly specialised luminosity mask generator. It differs greatly from InstaMask in almost every way. Here is a list of the features of Lumi32 that InstaMask doesn’t have:

1: Creates 32 Bit masks (smoother than 8 or 16 bit masks)

2: Mask algorithms are designed by us, and therefore superior to Photoshop’s.

3: 100% customisable presets

4: Dynamic histogram

5: Greater flexibility with the four sliders

6: LAB mode masks

7: Zone Masks

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