How Many Exposures Do I Need For Digital Blending?

How many exposures to take, and the EV difference between exposures is one of the first things people consider when they begin their journey into digital blending. Getting it right in-camera is an absolute must. Otherwise, you may return home with a set of exposures that won't give you the options needed to create a [...]

10 Tips For Effective Seascape Photography

Being able to capture seascapes with powerful tides, interesting rock formations and dramatic light, is one of the most rewarding experiences for any landscape/seascape photographer. Just being around the water, before sunrise, with no one around, is a calming feeling. But to come away with a beautiful seascape image as well - that is a [...]

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Why Use Luminosity Masks in Exposure Blending

Benefits of using Luminosity Masks in Exposure Blending In the cold we wait; in the rain we hope, and during the night we look up at the sky and wonder when, if ever, those clouds will clear. As photographers we have little control over the conditions in which we shoot. We have our optimism, which, [...]

How to get sharp photos

As photographers, one of our main aims when we capture images is to make sure that necessary elements in the scene are as crisp as they can be. There are a multitude of ways, both in-camera and in post-processing, to make sure your photos retain the sharpness they deserve. I've compiled a list of steps/techniques [...]