Quick Photoshop Secrets 16: Perfect Sharpening & Resize for the Web

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Download JM Sharpening Tools Download the free tools you saw in the video. In today's Photoshop tutorial, we look at how to resize and sharpen our photos so that they are beautifully sharp for the web. We use a tried-and-tested method for coming [...]

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The Importance of Triple/Double Processing in Photoshop & Exposure Blending

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Thank you to Heath Smith for this week's Challenge Jimmy. In this tutorial we look at how to make the most out of a single RAW file with double/triple processing in Adobe Camera RAW. This allows us to create multiple exposures from a single RAW file [...]

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Quick Photoshop Secrets 15: Paint a Beautiful Sunset/Sunrise

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Carrying from last week's Light Bleeding tutorial, we look at another technique that will help us create a more impacting sunrise/sunset in Photoshop. We are literally painting colours into the sky. We do this on a new layer, with its Blend Mode set to Multiply and [...]

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Quick Photoshop Secrets 14: Light Bleeding For Warmer Images

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Light bleeding can work wonders for your images. It can help you add more vibrancy and warmth to your scene. There are many different ways to achieve a similar effect, but one thing we must keep in mind is that light bleeding is most effective when [...]

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How To Fix Dark Shadows in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre There are many different ways for us to recover the shadows in our images in Photoshop. Having a  good working knowledge of as many as possible will help you come out with the best possible image. Here, the wonderful people at Phlearn, introduce us [...]

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Why Is The Golden Hour So Important To Landscape Photographers?

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Twice a day, at sunrise and sunset, the life-giving sun, as it moves towards, and past, the horizon, promises photographers around the world something special. Appropriately named the 'golden hour', these times of day are treated almost with reverence by photographers. We camera-wielding folk [...]

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Quick Photoshop Secrets 13: Add Awesome Colours In Your Photos

Article By Jimmy McIntyre There are some great techniques for instantly adding interesting colours to your images in Photoshop. In this week's Photoshop Secrets, I show you a little method I stumbled across a couple of years ago which will add awesome colours to your photos, and make sure that [...]

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Raya Pro 1.1 Update Coming Soon

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Coming in the last week of January, we have some superb new features in the latest update for Raya Pro. This update is free for all Raya Pro users. You will be emailed at the end of January to the email address you used [...]

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Challenge Jimmy 2: Perfect Exposure Blending by Combining 3 methods in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre This episode's image comes from Jamen Long, who found it difficult to cleanly blend the exposures where the tree and sky meet, which ended up with dark edging. In this video, we will learn how to smoothly blend the two exposures using 3 different exposure blending [...]

Tutorial – How to Photograph Waterfalls

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In this short and to-the-point video, Tony Northrup gives us some great shooting advice for capturing dynamic waterfalls. He uses some great visuals to explain his points. His main focus is discussing various shutter speeds and available light. If you've never shot a waterfall [...]

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