Ask Jimmy/Challenge Jimmy Photography YouTube Series

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7 Examples of How Exposure Blending is Superior to HDR

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In today's video I give 7 reasons why I believe exposure blending in Photoshop is more important for your photography than HDR software. I don't want to be too harsh on HDR, but I feel it is a thing of the past. I used Photomatix and Nik HDR Efex years [...]

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Photo Talk – Lines & Light Make A Beautiful Combination

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Today we see the second episode of Photo Talk, where we talk about important aspects of shooting and composing. This episode is about lines and light. Most of us know the importance of using lines in our imagery. However, using lines to guide our viewers' eyes towards a strong light [...]

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Photo Talk: How To Deepen Mood By Darkening Your Images

Article By Jimmy McIntyre This is the first episode in a new YouTube series called, Photo Talk, where I go into more detail about the theory behind shooting, processing and composing. And I also include some useful advice, tips, and processing techniques along with the theory. In this first episode, [...]

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