My New Book is Here!

Last year I took some time away to write a novel: a dark, dystopian journey through a corrupt city where social media can mean life and death. In writing the book, I combined my passion for dystopian literature and also my growing dislike of social media in general. It was a wonderful experience and one [...]

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20 Images That Weren’t Good Enough To Be Published

Over the years I've shot many locations, but I have a surprisingly small portfolio. When I first started out in photography, I would publish just about any image I shot. But little by little, I became much more strict about the photos I put online. Essentially I wanted people to see my 'best' work, rather [...]

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10 Bad Habits That Drive Photographers Crazy

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Taking a break from our usual tutorial-based posts, we present DigitalRev's entertaining take on 10 bad habits that annoy photographers. I have to confess that I wince at seeing other photographers scrubbing their lenses with their tee-shirts. And the use of black & white to try and [...]

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Why I’m Disappointed With Nikon

Article By Jimmy McIntyre I feel like a sulking child who isn't getting his own way, nevertheless, my patience with Nikon is running out. They have chosen to ignore the consumer. While the likes of Sony are taking the photography world to new levels with their lightweight mirrorless cameras, the dinosaurs [...]

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Why Is The Golden Hour So Important To Landscape Photographers?

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Twice a day, at sunrise and sunset, the life-giving sun, as it moves towards, and past, the horizon, promises photographers around the world something special. Appropriately named the 'golden hour', these times of day are treated almost with reverence by photographers. We camera-wielding folk [...]

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