10 Bad Habits That Drive Photographers Crazy

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Taking a break from our usual tutorial-based posts, we present DigitalRev's entertaining take on 10 bad habits that annoy photographers. I have to confess that I wince at seeing other photographers scrubbing their lenses with their tee-shirts. And the use of black & white to try [...]

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Why I’m Disappointed With Nikon

Article By Jimmy McIntyre I feel like a sulking child who isn't getting his own way, nevertheless, my patience with Nikon is running out. They have chosen to ignore the consumer. While the likes of Sony are taking the photography world to new levels with their lightweight mirrorless cameras, the [...]

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Why Is The Golden Hour So Important To Landscape Photographers?

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Twice a day, at sunrise and sunset, the life-giving sun, as it moves towards, and past, the horizon, promises photographers around the world something special. Appropriately named the 'golden hour', these times of day are treated almost with reverence by photographers. We camera-wielding folk [...]

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Striking Timelapse From NASA of The Sun As You’ve Never Seen It

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Watch this magical timelapse taken of the sun by NASA. Truly awe inspiring.

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Photographers – 22 Ways To Keep You & Your Gear Safe While Travelling

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Please scroll down to skip the story of how I was robbed, and go straight to the tips. Please note: articles like these tend to give future travellers a sense of dread. I know very few photographers/travellers who've had real difficulty while abroad. Most [...]

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My Favourite Photography Gear For Travelling

Article By Jimmy McIntyre I'm a gadget geek. I love things that sparkle and promise to make our lives easier, even if they're completely unnecessary. I could happily spend a couple of hours in a large electronic store. I even like checking out Kickstarter to see what genius [...]

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The Art of Digital Blending Free Download Has Viruses

It came to my attention recently that a copy of my Art of Digital Blending course has been circulating the internet as a free download. This is because someone downloaded the course, had their computer badly infected by a trojan virus, and then emailed me complaining. I politely reminded him that he if he chooses [...]

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My Favourite Images of 2014

Next month I begin a 22-day trip around Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia, which I'm extremely excited about. But before that, I've enjoyed taking a look at 2014, and putting together some of my favourite images from last year. Please remember you can download my free Photoshop actions (luminosity masks, sharpeners, detail enhancer etc.) here: [...]

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What is the most important thing you’ve learned about photography in 2014?

As students of the photographic arts, we are on a wonderful journey of learning. The more we learn, the greater our ability to express ourselves artistically. From learning to use equipment, or pushing our knowledge of post-processing software, or coming to terms with marketing ourselves, each new day can present a new challenge from which [...]

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Advantages Of Having A Photography Blog

With so many social media options available to us, many photogaphers are choosing not to create a blog for their photography.  People often post on sites like flickr, 500px, facebook, google+ etc., instead of facing the possible challenge of setting up their own website. However, having your own blog can provide you with some wonderful [...]

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