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The BEST Focusing Technique

the best focusing technique

The BEST Focusing Technique

Possibly the singularly most important consideration to be taken in photography is focus. If our images are out of focus then they’re ruined. There are several reasons why our images come out blurry but the biggest reasons are a lack of understanding or confidence. The most surefire way of ensuring your images are in focus is by manually focusing.

In this video Henry Turner shares a his best focusing technique that he claims gives “SERIOUS SHARPNESS”.

The BEST Focusing Technique (FOR SERIOUS SHARPNESS!!)


Photography Focusing Technique – Our Review


Henry already had a preferred focusing method, but what I like, is that he’s not simply content. Even though he manually focuses in the same way as the vast majority of landscape photographers. He’s still trying to improve. It’s odd to see a photographer promoting the use of autofocus. Henry’s use of both auto and manual focus means that every time he takes a photo, the focus is on point. Yes, this process is guaranteed to add more time to your shooting process. But, what it also shows is attention to detail. When you’re set up in a location, your composition is right and all you need to wait for is the right light, why not try this focusing technique?

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Henry’s Technique For Seriously Sharp Focus


Henry uses live view on his camera to set his focus. This is the best focusing technique method for many landscape photographers.


1. Set your lens to Manual Focus mode.


2. Enter Live View mode on your camera.


3. Use your zoom button to zoom into the area that you want to concentrate your focus on.


4. Turn the Focus Ring on your lens until what you see in your live view is in focus.


Here are the extra steps that Henry takes to ensure he gets seriously sharp images.

First of all, Henry has set his back button or AE lock button on his camera to just Autofocus. Most cameras come with this button set to take a photo when in live view as default. To change this, you need to go into your camera menu and look for your live view settings then change the setting in AF mode.


5. Set the focus mode on your lens to Autofocus.


6. In live view mode zoom in to the same area that you want to bring into focus.


7. Press and hold your Back/Zoom Out/AE lock button until your lens autofocuses and brings your image into focus.  


8. Take the shot and compare the differences between using manual focus and autofocus.


I would hazard a guess that 9 times out of 10 if you’ve manually focused correctly, that will be the best focusing technique and more often than not, will bring you better results than using autofocus. However, this is still a very handy technique to fall back on, especially if you’re ever struggling to manually focus.

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The BEST Focusing Technique
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