I have some very exciting news. For the last 18 months I’ve been working with external developers to create the next step up in luminosity mask software. The result is Lumi32, a world first.

Lumi32 is a simple to use 32 Bit luminosity mask generator that has eight 100% user-definable presets, and in which you can access RGB channels, as well as LAB mode, saturation masks and zones.

I have created an FAQ on the page in the link below, and there is a video introducing Lumi32, so if you have any questions, please visit the page and I’m sure you’ll find your answers there.

This is not a replacement for Raya Pro, as RP is a full digital workflow suite that has something for every step of your workflow. Although I will be using Lumi32 ahead of InstaMask for my own work.

This is a separate program that is taking luminosity masks forward in a big way.

The release date for Lumi32 is November 29th.

Link to Lumi32: