Luminosity Masks Tutorials

Balance Colour in Photoshop Using Gradiate

Balance Colour in Photoshop Using Gradiate Our Steps to Balance Colour Using Gradiate   1. We positioned our brighter exposure on top of the darker exposure, and selected the top layer.   2. Open up Easy Panel. (if you don’t have easy panel it is free to download HERE)   3. Click on 16Bit Darks […]

How To Blend Exposures With Luminosity Masks

Since the slow and painful death of HDR tone mapping, many photographers are now wondering the exact same thing: How to blend exposures with luminosity masks. The good news is, you can look no further. I’ve been using and teaching exposure blending for years, and this guide will put you firmly in the luminosity mask […]

Essential Luminosity Masks Tutorial for Beginners

Since you’re reading this luminosity masks tutorial, you’ve probably already stumbled across the term ‘luminosity masks‘ and are wondering what on Earth these elusive things are. And more importantly, how you can use them in your digital workflow to come out with more beautiful photography. The good news is, you’ve arrived at the right place. […]

Tutorial: How To Use Luminosity Masks and Single Exposures (One Exposure)

How To Use Luminosity Masks on a Single Exposure (One Exposure) In this tutorial we will look at how to blend a single exposure using luminosity masks in Photoshop, which is something I’ve been asked many times in the past. Raya Pro users: Raya Pro 5.0 release date is May 20th.

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