Quick Photoshop Secrets 11: (Luminosity Masks) Smoothly Blend Sunsets & Blue Hour Scenes

Article By Jimmy McIntyre One very impacting way of deepening the mood of our blue hour images, is blending in a sunrise/sunset from the same scene, at preferably the same focal length. There are many ways to blend these two exposures naturally, but luminosity masks are possibly the cleanest [...]

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How To Deal With Moving Objects In Digital Blending

Dealing with moving objects, like leaves/trees/foliage or people, in our images presents a challenge in all forms of exposure blending. With HDR software, moving objects are one of the more common causes of haloing and ghosting. In Digital Blending, we can completely avoid halos and ghosting, even when moving objects are present, by becoming a [...]

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Luminosity Masks – Why Can’t I Paint Inside The Selection?

As beginners to luminosity masks, there are a number of challenges we face in understanding their application. LMs are a wonderful tool for any landscape or cityscape photographer, but one of the most common questions I'm asked by newcomers to LMs is, 'why can't I paint inside the mask selection?' It is easy to understand [...]

How To Shoot For Digital Blending

Capturing the scene correctly in-camera is certainly the most important step in any photography workflow - a Digital Blending workflow is no different. No amount of post-processing can save a mood-less, blurry scene. It is important that we understand the incredible machine that is our camera, so that we can truly do justice to the [...]

How To Prepare Your Images in ACR Before Digital Blending in Photoshop

Before we begin the digital blending process, it is important to prepare our RAW files correctly. Fortunately we have the wonderful, Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) to do the job! We can tap into the potential of our RAW files and correct colour, make sure we have no clipped highlights and shadows and reduce lens distortions. [...]

How Many Exposures Do I Need For Digital Blending?

How many exposures to take, and the EV difference between exposures is one of the first things people consider when they begin their journey into digital blending. Getting it right in-camera is an absolute must. Otherwise, you may return home with a set of exposures that won't give you the options needed to create a [...]