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Dreamy Forest Landscape Editing in Photoshop

Dreamy Forest Landscape Editing in Photoshop Our Review It’s good to see an editing tutorial in Adobe Camera Raw. I like how Christian is showing that it’s ok to play. If you’re not sure what a slider does in Adobe Camera Raw, don’t be shy and hide away from it. See what it does, if […]

How To Dehaze and Color Correct In Photoshop

How To Dehaze and Color Correct In Photoshop This example image The photo we have used in this tutorial to dehaze and color correct was taken on a very dark and wet night. I was on the south side of the banks of the River Tyne with the Castle on the north side approximately 400 […]

Blend If For Beginners

Using Blend If In Photoshop Blend If Explained The way Blend If works is by using luminosity masking. Using the sliders, you can control the visibility of layer content by it’s grayscale value or luminosity. 255 being white and 0 being black. Where colours fit within that grayscale depends on their brightness and saturation. In […]

Add Colour to Highlights in Photoshop

Add Colour To Highlights For Beginners Why Have We Used This Method By using a luminosity mask to add colour to highlights we can control exactly where the colour presents itself. The colour blends and fades naturally with the tones of the image. There is a quicker method to simply add colour using the Blend […]

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