How To Enhance Details In Photoshop – Local Contrast Tutorial

Have you ever looked at your image and thought it was too flat? You've increased and decreased contrast but that didn't help. Or, maybe you're shooting in hazy, humid conditions and you need something to create local contrast that will cut through the haze. Being able to enhance details in Photoshop through fine contrast adjustments [...]

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How To Create The Orton Effect in Photoshop (Including Action Set)

Update to this tutorial - We have a newer, better way to create the Orton Effect in Photoshop. Please see our latest Orton Effect Tutorial: Quick Photoshop Secrets 7: How To Create a Dreamy Orton Effect Sometimes you may want to create a dreamy, surreal effect in your images, almost like a Lord of The [...]

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Using The Dodge & Burn Tool Non-Destructively in Photoshop

A powerful, yet easily destructive set of tools in Photoshop, are the dodge & burn tools. With just a few whisks of your mouse or tablet pen, you can deepen shadows and extend highlights thanks to these great options. They can be one of the best tools for selective contrast adjustments, intensifying the mood within [...]

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Welcome to Shutter…Evolve

Shutter...Evolve - a site dedicated to keeping photographers at the forefront of post-processing technology Welcome to this brand new site, which specialises in post-processing tutorials for landscape and cityscape photographers. From digital blending with luminosity masks, to colour correction and sky replacement, Shutter...Evolve will be an ever-growing site, controlled and shaped by its readers. In [...]

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How to get sharp photos

As photographers, one of our main aims when we capture images is to make sure that necessary elements in the scene are as crisp as they can be. There are a multitude of ways, both in-camera and in post-processing, to make sure your photos retain the sharpness they deserve. I've compiled a list of steps/techniques [...]

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