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Jimmy’s Big 5 Photos Course

$69.99 $35


No Luminosity Masks

No plugins

No panels (Raya Pro users: there is a video showing you the shortcuts within Raya Pro that speed the workflow up)

Just Photoshop (CS6 – CC) and ACR (included with Photoshop)

All RAW files included

Plus a bonus 3+ hour Photoshop beginner’s course

These are the five images you’ll learn to create


1. Two Long Exposures Blended Together

2. Two Exposure Seascape


3. Two Tile Exposure Blended Panorama

4. Nine Tile Exposure Blended Vertorama

5. Three Tile Exposure Blended Vertical Panorama Astro Shot

Who is Jimmy McIntyre

Jimmy is a travel photographer and author who has photographed much of the world, taught photography on four continents,named one of the most important photogs to follow on 500px, and worked recently with Nikon on a large release of their new ultra wide angle lens. See the below video.

He has been specializing in exposure blending for many years, and his techniques are taught at various universities around the globe. You can see his portfolio here: Jimmy McIntyre’s Portfolio

Course Content

Introduction video teaching the basics of exposure blending

Raya Pro video showing existing RP users how to use the panel for a quicker workflow

Composition video discussing the compositional strengths of each of the five images you’ll work with

Workflow One: Milford Sound – Two long exposures blended together

Workflow Two: Motukiekie Beach – Two exposure golden hour seascape

Workflow Three: Nugget Point – Three exposure vertical astro panorama

Workflow Four: Antelope canyon – Eight tile exposure blended vertorama

Workflow Five: Guilin – Five exposure golden hour landscape panorama

Free Bonus #2 Worth $29.99 – Three-Part Beginner Photoshop Course

You will get this three-part beginner’s course completely free with this purchase. If you find the post-processing part of The Art of Photography too difficult, this beginner’s course will help you feel more confident.


Do I need Raya Pro for this course? No you do not. Raya Pro/InstaMask will make your workflow much easier, but I have made this course so that anyone can follow it. This is not a Raya Pro/InstaMask course. Please see Exposure Blend Like an Expert for comprehensive training with the extension.

Who is this course for? This course is for anyone wanting to go from experienced beginner to advanced in post-processing. It is not for absolute beginners to photography or Photoshop. For Photoshop, you must understand its basic logic (how layers work etc.) and what masking is before starting this course. Without this, the course may be be too difficult.

Can I watch the videos on a tablet? Yes you can. Just download the files to your computer, unzip them, and then transfer the videos to your tablet as you normally would.

Is this a physical product or a download? This is a download only. That way you can get the product immediately after purchase.

What are the software requirements? The only software you need is Photoshop from CS6 to CC (including most recent). This is not compatible with Photoshop Elements.