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This includes all the original values of the presets in Lumi32, Installation, and any other technical advice


Training Videos For Lumi32

Official Lumi32 Course: Mastering Luminosity Masks

General Luminosity Mask Tutorials

Essential Exposure Blending Tutorial For Beginners

Essential Luminosity Mask Tutorial For Beginners - Photoshop Guide

Blending Three Exposures

How to CLEANLY Blend 3 Exposures in Photoshop (Landscape Workflow)

Example of Matching Technique

Blend ANY Exposures With This Tip in Photoshop Including Interior Photos

Editing Sunrise/Sunsets

Edit A Stunning Sunset/Sunrise in Photoshop with Luminosity Masks (Without HDR)

Lumi32 Tutorials

Lumi32 Intro Video

Powerful Next Gen Luminosity Masks Are Coming

Basic Lumi32 Controls

Basic Overview of Lumi32

Exposure Blending With Lumi32

Lum32 Basic Exposure Blending Tutorial

Blend Three Exposures With Lumi32

Awesome 32 Bit Luminosity Mask Tutorial - Lumi32 + Raya Pro

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