21 Superb Tips That Will Transform Your Cityscape Photos

Article By Jimmy McIntyre I've been shooting cityscapes for a few years now. Every time you leave the door of your house or hotel, you have no idea what adventure lies ahead and what new locations you might uncover. From New York to Dubai, and Paris to [...]

How To Create A Realistic Fake Long Exposure Effect In Photoshop

Nothing looks quite as good as using an ND filter when it comes to long exposures. But if you don't have one, there are wonderful ways of producing the effect in post-processing. I created this video tutorial to show you how to create a realistic fake long exposure in Photoshop. You will learn to use [...]

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Photography Tutorials On 500px

Over the last 6 months I've had the pleasure of being a regular contributor to the 500px blog. I've written articles ranging from post-processing, digital blending, shooting, and even gaining more followers. For convenience, I've published links to my last 6 articles here, so that you may find them all in one place. Please click [...]

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Tutorials – Shooting & Processing Night Cityscapes

We can capture some truly energetic and dynamic moments within our concrete jungles. There are often a lot of factors to take into consideration when shooting cityscapes, like moving objects, light trails, city lights, low light, tripod allowance... But with the right equipment and planning, we can often come away with our desired photos. I've [...]

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How To Add Dramatic Car Trails To Your Photos In Photoshop

Using the same example image as we used in our last tutorial on How To Add Clouds To A Sky In Photoshop, this time we're looking at how to add dramatic car trails to your photos in Photoshop in just a few steps. Making sure you shoot multiple long exposures (you can extended exposure time [...]

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How to make vibrant cityscapes in Photoshop

Cityscape photography is my true passion. I love landscapes, too, but there's a special energy in cities that really excites my imagination. Most of the time I shoot at night or during blue hour. When those city lights come on, the whole dynamic of the scene changes. But, as photographers, we lovvvvve golden hour - [...]

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