BTS: Composing Milky Way & Golden Hour Shots At The Lavender Fields

Article By Jimmy McIntyre All images in the video were editing with Raya Pro/InstaMask I've just wrapped up a 10-day visit to Valensole, France, to capture the famous lavender fields there. My aim was to come out with 4 or 5 workable images, including a mixture of Milky Way and golden hour shots. In [...]

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32 Shooting & Planning Tips To Instantly Improve Your Landscape Photos

Article By Jimmy McIntyre I absolutely love landscape photography. I'm never more comfortable than when I'm surrounded by nature's beauty with my camera. Over the years I've made a lot of errors, many of which I've learned from, and have hopefully improved my whole landscape shooting experience. Being a full [...]

Photo Talk: How To Deepen Mood By Darkening Your Images

Article By Jimmy McIntyre This is the first episode in a new YouTube series called, Photo Talk, where I go into more detail about the theory behind shooting, processing and composing. And I also include some useful advice, tips, and processing techniques along with the theory. In this first episode, [...]

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Tutorial – How to Photograph Waterfalls

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In this short and to-the-point video, Tony Northrup gives us some great shooting advice for capturing dynamic waterfalls. He uses some great visuals to explain his points. His main focus is discussing various shutter speeds and available light. If you've never shot a waterfall [...]

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How To Perfectly Expose For Any Area When Using ND Filters

Article By Jimmy McIntyre ND (Neutral Density) filters can add wonderful dynamism to your images through capturing the beautiful movement of clouds and water, or any other interesting element. They can also help you come out with clean images, free from people or unwanted moving objects. B+W [...]

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Photographers – 22 Ways To Keep You & Your Gear Safe While Travelling

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Please scroll down to skip the story of how I was robbed, and go straight to the tips. Please note: articles like these tend to give future travellers a sense of dread. I know very few photographers/travellers who've had real difficulty while abroad. Most [...]

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7 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Photos

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Taking a break from my usual video tutorials, I've put together an article with some ideas that have helped my photography somewhat. Sometimes, even a small tweak can make a big difference in the final product. 1. Manual focus - Modern day cameras and [...]

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How To Stretch Images Using Content Aware Scale

Article By Jimmy McIntyre This could be a truly powerful tool in Photoshop. Using Content Aware Scale we can stretch parts of our images, in a natural way, while protecting other parts of our image. While this tool can be extremely useful, it is still a long way [...]

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The Art of Digital Blending Free Download Has Viruses

It came to my attention recently that a copy of my Art of Digital Blending course has been circulating the internet as a free download. This is because someone downloaded the course, had their computer badly infected by a trojan virus, and then emailed me complaining. I politely reminded him that he if he chooses [...]

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Using Powerful Complementary Colours in Your Photos

In every image I create, I take time to consider which colors are strongest/most complementary to each other, and to the captured scene/mood. Having a good understanding of how complementary colours work, and how they help to enhance the desired mood in an image, can drastically improve the overall impact of our imagery. This wonderful [...]

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