Exposure Blend Like An Expert Course

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– Exposure Blend Like An Expert Course –

A Comprehensive Course on How to Blend any Exposures With InstaMask

Exposure Blend Like An Expert Course

Never Use HDR Software Again

A Comprehensive Exposure Blending Course

Master The Most Powerful Digital Blending Plugin

RAW Files Included

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You will learn to exposure blend like an expert quickly, naturally and cleanly with some of the most difficult scenes around. From instant digital blending to luminosity masking, simple landscapes to complex interior shots, you will see how easily we can blend any exposures using Raya Pro.

We will take the processing beyond exposure blending and learn how to deepen the mood in our images, how to enhance a sunset, create a dreamy, magical feel, handle colours with maximum effect, prepare images in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom, and many other techniques that will give your images that professional finish.

Below are some of the images we will work with…

What’s in the Exposure Blend Like an Expert Course?

(all videos are HD, mp4, so you can watch on any device).

  1. How Many Exposures, and how to choose Exposures for Blending
  2. Most Common Errors in Exposure Blending
  3. 4 Methods of Exposure Blending
  4. How Masks Work in Exposure Blending
  5. Intro to masks in InstaMask
  6. Which Exposure to Build The Mask Around
  7. How To Blend Simple Exposures
  8. Matching – How To Fix a Bad Blend
  9. Pre-Masking – Making a Better Selection
  10. Breaking The Rules
  11. Exposure Blend a Single Exposure
  12. Moving Objects
  13. When Smart Objects Can’t Be Used
  14. What is Intersecting?
  15. Blending 5 Exposures
  16. Bonus Workflow Milky Way

What do I need for this course?

The only things you need are Raya Pro and Photoshop (from CS6 to the newest version of CC) and Adobe Camera RAW (comes with Photoshop) or Lightroom. No other software is needed.

FAQ Section

Which version of Raya Pro is this compatible with? This course is fully up to date and recorded in Raya Pro 5.0

Is this a free upgrade? I’m very proud to offer Raya Pro as a free upgrade for life. I hope you enjoy it. The courses, however, are not included in that promise.

Are RAW files included? That is right, most of the videos (but not all) include images. These are usually RAW files, but some are JPEG.

Is this a downloadable course? Yes, once you pay for it you can download it and watch it on any device you want.

Remember Raya Pro has Free Updates For Life – Instant Download – Use On 3 Personal Machines – Easy Installation Instructions Included – Works In All Languages

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Please Note:
*The Exposure Blend Like An Expert Course was recorded in Raya Pro 5.0, but it is 100% compatible with Raya Pro 3.0 & 4.0 the layouts are virtually identical.
* Raya Pro 5.0 is only compatible with Photoshop versions CC and CS6 including M1 Mac.

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