How Do I Download Raya Pro & InstaMask?


Please Read Carefully…


Step 1 – original email address

You need the email address you used to make the purchase to log in. If you’re not sure which one it was, or if you no longer use that email, it’s okay. Keep reading.


Step 2 – password

When you see the log in page, your password and username are exactly the same. They are the original email address you used to purchase the panel. That is why we need it.

Password = Original email address

Username = Original email address



For many of you, this will be your first time logging in. 95% of customers who have login problems are accidentally trying the wrong email address. Please use the ORIGINAL email you used to purchase the panel. If you have more than one email address and can’t remember which you used, please feel free to try all of them. You can update your email address once you log in, by going to Profile


If you have read all of the instructions above, please log in here.

After you have logged in, please change your password to something more secure.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased Raya Pro in the last 2 weeks, your account will not be active yet. However, to download Raya Pro and other products, you should have received an email after your purchase. This contains all of your download links, so that you can have immediate access.

Logging will just give you access to products you have already purchased and received by email, so new customers do not need to log in. But your account will be ready within 2 weeks of purchase.