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Mastering Lumi32 Luminosity Masks Course

Mastering Lumi32

A Comprehensive Course on How to Blend any Exposures With Lumi32

Never Use HDR Software Again
A Comprehensive Luminosity Mask Course
Master The Most Powerful 32 bit Digital Blending Plugin
Images Files Included

Watch the video below to preview the course content

Official Lumi32 Course: Mastering Luminosity Masks


What You Will Learn

You will learn to blend exposures quickly, naturally and cleanly with some of the most difficult scenes around. From instant digital blending to luminosity masking, simple landscapes to complex interior shots, you will see how easily we can blend any exposures using Lumi32.

We will take the processing beyond exposure blending and learn how to deepen the mood in our images, how to enhance a sunset, create a dreamy, magical feel, handle colours with maximum effect, prepare images in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom, and many other techniques that will give your images that professional finish.

Below are some (but not all) of the images we will work with…

FAQ Section

Are RAW files included? That is right, most of the videos (but not all) include images. These are usually RAW files, but some are JPEG.

Is this a downloadable course? Yes, once you pay for it you can download it and watch it on any device you want.

Course Contents

Below is the full list of videos that make up the Mastering Lumi32 Course (all HD, mp4, so you can watch on any device).

  1. Course Introduction
  2. A Basic Overview of Lumi32
  3. Making Masks in Lumi32
  4. Common Errors in Luminosity Masking
  5. Blending Two Exposures
  6. Blending Three Exposures
  7. The Power of Matching
  8. The Importance of PreMasking
  9. Dealing With Moving Objects
  10. How To Blend a Single RAW File
  11. Exposure Blend a Panorama

Software Needed

The only things you need are Lumi32 and Photoshop (CC) and Adobe Camera RAW (comes with Photoshop) or Lightroom. No other software is needed.

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