The Free Beginner’s Photoshop Course for Photographers

The Free Beginner’s Photoshop Course For Photographers

Do you find Photoshop confusing? Is masking over your head? What about layers? Hard to understand?

I created this course specifically for photographers, rather than designers and other visual artists who use Photoshop.

See Part One Below

ESSENTIAL Beginner’s Photoshop Course For Photographers - Part 1

How To Download The Course?

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What’s Covered in the Course?

The short answer is: A huge amount.

As you can see from the Part 1 video above, I like to cover a lot of ground. So even though this is a two-hour course, you will learn a huge amount in those two hours.

Topics Include

Adjusting Workspace



Clone Stamp

Patch Tool

Blend Modes

Selection Tools

How To Use Adjustment Layers

Adobe Camera Raw Filter

Other Filters such as Gaussian Blur

Clipping Masks

Stacking Exposures

Non-Destructive Processes

And much, much more

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