9 Photo Composition Tips – Awesome Video

This beautiful video on composition has been enjoyed by millions of photographers and non-photographers alike. A huge thank you to COOPH and Steve McCurry for putting together this inspiring piece. [/fusion_text]

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Tips on Great Black And White Photography

We all know the power of black and white photography. But do we know why it can be some impacting, or how to process our black and white images in Photoshop? Below are two very interesting videos; the first of which will give you some quick and easy tips for processing B&W images. The second [...]

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10 Tips For Effective Seascape Photography

Being able to capture seascapes with powerful tides, interesting rock formations and dramatic light, is one of the most rewarding experiences for any landscape/seascape photographer. Just being around the water, before sunrise, with no one around, is a calming feeling. But to come away with a beautiful seascape image as well - that is a [...]

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