5 Tips For Minimalist Photography

5 Tips For Minimalist Photography

Sometimes, Less is More. That is the underpinning principle of minimalism. As landscape photographers, we often yearn for BIG exciting scenes which contain the impressive foreground, background, and subject. Something I see a lot of in landscape photography is the same image from tons of different photographers. The reason for this is that the scene is almost perfect and so breathtakingly stunning that it’s difficult not to want to visit and capture the scene yourself. In minimalist photography, it’s completely different, even in landscape photography. You rarely see the same scene twice. This is for the obvious reason that it often isn’t a scene being captured. Moreso just a subject, predominantly that’s all you will see in a minimalist photo. Marvin Grey shares 5 Tips For Minimalist Photography with us.


Creating Fine Art Landscapes Through Minimalism


Let’s Break Down 5 Tips For Taking Minimalist Photos


1. Keep It Simple

In minimalism, there should be zero confusion as to what the subject is. Whether it be a boat on the water or a lone tree, there should be very little distraction from anything other than the subject.   


2. Use Negative Space

This involves filling your frame with a lot of nothing, thus further enhancing the importance of the subject. In an image of very little but one point of interest, it is unavoidable to focus on this one interesting subject. 


3. Shoot With Clear Skies

A clear sky offers less distraction and more negative space. Points 1, 2 and 3 all work hand in hand with each other. We usually always encourage photographers to shoot during the blue hour. Minimalism is quite the opposite, the brighter the better. With this in mind, as we wait patiently through the usual day time hours for the sun set, we could be out trying our hand at minimalism.


4. Shoot/Edit in Black & White or Minimal Colour

This should be, Edit in Black & White. When you begin post-processing turn your image to black and white. Only then will you get a true visualisation of the adjustments that you make and how it will affect your image. 


5. Shoot Scenes Of Vanishing Points

We use vanishing points in all landscape photography to focus attention, this is one of the principles of leading lines. A vanishing point is where lines appear to converge as a beginning or endpoint. As Marvin explains, in minimalism a vanishing point adds mystery and intrigue. 


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Here are some examples of minimalist photographs. 

5 Tips For Minimalist Photography


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5 Tips For Minimalist Photography

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5 Tips For Minimalist Photography

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5 Tips For Minimalist Photography

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5 Tips For Minimalist Photography

5 Tips For Minimalist Photography
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