3 ways to Crush/Lift the Blacks in Photoshop (Easy film look)

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Mathieu Stern shows us how to achieve that faded film look in Photoshop. This trendy style can be done via different ways, 3 of which Mathieu shows here. From raising the shadows of a curves layer, to selective colouring, to adding a Colour Fill layer, you [...]

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7 Simple Photography Hacks

Article By Jimmy McIntyre I this video we look at 7 different photography hacks from COOPH. Even if you're happy to spend large amounts of money on photography gear, rather than finding a cheaper work-around, you might still enjoy some of the ideas in this video. While not perfect, the [...]

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How To Sharpen Cleanly in Photoshop Without White or Black Edging

Article By Jimmy McIntyre When we sharpen our images in Photoshop, the software looks for edges throughout our image, and attempts to exaggerate those edges. By doing so this gives the effect of sharpening. However, the downside of that is that we often end up with black or white edging [...]

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5 Quick Tips For Better Landscape Photos

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In case you missed the huge article 32 Shooting & Planning Tips To Instantly Improve Your Landscape Photos, I've created a quick video with my 5 favourite tips for landscape photography. I'm afraid there are no great secrets in here, most of them are well known, but not [...]

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When Sunset is Disappointing – 14 Ways Blue Hour Can Save Your Images

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Recently we spoke about why shooting at the Golden Hour is so important when capturing a powerful mood in our photos (Why Is The Golden Hour So Important To Landscape Photographers?). Yet, more often than not, the Golden Hour doesn't provide us with [...]

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Save For Web Replaced by Export As in Photoshop CC 2015

Article By Jimmy McIntyre To the frustration of many users, Adobe are phasing out the 'Save for Web' function in Photoshop. They are replacing it with 'Export As'. The eventual disappearance of this function has led to users flooding the Adobe forums with complaints, and Adobe publishing an article, clarifying their [...]

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