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7 Simple Photography Hacks

7 simple photography hacks

7 Simple Photography Hacks

I this video we look at 7 different photography hacks from COOPH. Even if you’re happy to spend large amounts of money on photography gear, rather than finding a cheaper work-around, you might still enjoy some of the ideas in this video. While not perfect, the human-string tripod idea might add that little bit of extra stability needed in lower light conditions where tripods aren’t permitted.

In the video you’ll see how to mount a GoPro on an egg timer to create seamless 360 time-lapses. You’ll see two questionable ways to add hipster effects to your images. Please don’t put Vaseline on your lenses. If you like this technique, make sure it’s applied to a very cheap filter.

We’ll also see how to create a homemade flash diffuser, an interesting alternative to ND filters, and a curious bokeh effect.

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7 Simple Photography Hacks
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