5 Quick Tips For Better Landscape Photos

5 Quick Tips For Better Landscape Photos

5 Quick Tips For Better Landscape Photos

In case you missed the huge article 32 Shooting & Planning Tips To Instantly Improve Your Landscape Photos, I’ve created a quick video with my 5 favourite tips for landscape photography. I’m afraid there are no great secrets in here, most of them are well known, but not necessarily well practised.

My biggest suggestion for improving your landscapes, and cityscapes for that matter, is planning. In the past I used to jump from location to location, day after day, hoping to get a good shot. But now everything is planned months, sometimes a year in advance.

In photography, we can certainly get lucky with unplanned shoots, but I believe if we plan for success, we will come out with quality images more often than if we don’t plan effectively.


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5 Quick Tips For Better Landscape Photos
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