5 Ways To Perfectly Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop

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No More Chromatic Aberration - 5 Ways To Remove All CA In Photoshop

In this week’s tutorial I will show you 5 methods for removing all Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop. Shooting with a medium to large aperture (a smaller f number), usually reduces the chance of CA appearing in your images. But certain lenses have a tendency to produce noticeable CA even at larger apertures.

In the video we will look at quick, effective methods for Chromatic Aberration control, and also a few slower, more deliberate methods.

Among these we’ll use a very handy hack, which combines Gaussian Blur and the Blend Mode ‘Color’. We’ll also look at color cloning, and both of the Lens Correction functions in Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop.

With these 5 technique, you should never have another problem with Chromatic Aberration.

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5 Ways To Perfectly Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop
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