Photographers – 22 Ways To Keep You & Your Gear Safe While Travelling

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Please scroll down to skip the story of how I was robbed, and go straight to the tips. Please note: articles like these tend to give future travellers a sense of dread. I know very few photographers/travellers who've had real difficulty while abroad. Most [...]

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My Favourite Photography Gear For Travelling

Article By Jimmy McIntyre I'm a gadget geek. I love things that sparkle and promise to make our lives easier, even if they're completely unnecessary. I could happily spend a couple of hours in a large electronic store. I even like checking out Kickstarter to see what genius [...]

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The Art of Digital Blending Free Download Has Viruses

It came to my attention recently that a copy of my Art of Digital Blending course has been circulating the internet as a free download. This is because someone downloaded the course, had their computer badly infected by a trojan virus, and then emailed me complaining. I politely reminded him that he if he chooses [...]

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My Favourite Images of 2014

Next month I begin a 22-day trip around Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia, which I'm extremely excited about. But before that, I've enjoyed taking a look at 2014, and putting together some of my favourite images from last year. Please remember you can download my free Photoshop actions (luminosity masks, sharpeners, detail enhancer etc.) here: [...]

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What is the most important thing you’ve learned about photography in 2014?

As students of the photographic arts, we are on a wonderful journey of learning. The more we learn, the greater our ability to express ourselves artistically. From learning to use equipment, or pushing our knowledge of post-processing software, or coming to terms with marketing ourselves, each new day can present a new challenge from which [...]

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Advantages Of Having A Photography Blog

With so many social media options available to us, many photogaphers are choosing not to create a blog for their photography.  People often post on sites like flickr, 500px, facebook, google+ etc., instead of facing the possible challenge of setting up their own website. However, having your own blog can provide you with some wonderful [...]

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