3 Simple Ways To Blend Exposures With Raya Pro in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In this quick tutorial I demonstrate three methods for exposure blending with Raya Pro 3.0. RP3 is set up so that it has something for all levels of experience. For beginners we have Instant Auto Blending. For intermediates there are Precision Masks. And for advanced users we have InstaMask and [...]

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Raya Pro 3.0 Preview – Out Now

Raya Pro 3.0 is out now. Watch the video above to see the new design and features. The update is free for all existing Raya Pro users. Existing users can download it once logged into your account here: http://www.shutterevolve.com/raya-pro-user/  

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Easy Panel 2.0 is Here – Free 16 Bit Luminosity Mask Panel

Existing Easy Panel/Newsletter Subscribers If you already subscribe to my newsletters, then you do not need to register for the new panel. I have already emailed you the download link. The email may have gone to your spam. So please go into your emails and search for anything from Jimmy McIntyre. You should see my [...]

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InstaMask for CS6 Beta Version

Good news for Photoshop CS6 users. We have developed a version of InstaMask for Photoshop CS6. It will be released fully by February 28th, along with the Raya Pro 3.0 update. However, if you are an existing CS6 Raya Pro owner, we are looking for testers. If you'd like an early release of the panel, [...]

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Tutorial – How (And Why) To Make 16 bit Saturation Masks in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre It has been a while since I have posted any tutorials. I'm in the process of updating Raya Pro and InstaMask. This will be available by February 28th. Remember that all users get free updates for life. So if you purchase it now, you will still get 3.0 for free. [...]

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Tutorial – Complex Luminosity Masks Made Easy With InstaMask in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In this latest InstaMask tutorial, I show you two ways of using luminosity masks - one simple method for exposure blending, and another, more complex method for targeting a very narrow range of tones. As you'll see, luminosity mask functions are extremely simple in InstaMask. We just create a mask, [...]

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Edit A Stunning Sunset/Sunrise in Photoshop with Luminosity Masks

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In today's video we look specifically at luminosity masks and exposure blending a beautiful sunset. We look at some more advanced techniques here, learning how to create a realistic, natural blend. A big thank you to Hermann Forster for the images. If you're new to masking, a technique I teach [...]

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BTS: Composing Milky Way & Golden Hour Shots At The Lavender Fields

Article By Jimmy McIntyre All images in the video were editing with Raya Pro/InstaMask I've just wrapped up a 10-day visit to Valensole, France, to capture the famous lavender fields there. My aim was to come out with 4 or 5 workable images, including a mixture of Milky Way and golden hour shots. In [...]

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Raya Pro vs InstaMask – What is the Difference?

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Since the release of InstaMask, I've receive a few email asking about the differences between InstaMask and Raya Pro. In this video I demonstrate the main strengths of each panel and how they differ. Essentially, Raya Pro is a total workflow panel. It has everything for every step of our [...]

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BTS: Follow Me on My Photography Trip to The Isle of Skye

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Welcome to my first Behind The Scenes video. I recorded a recent trip to the Isle of Skye, off the coast of Scotland. It is a beautiful part of the UK which has notoriously challenging weather. I managed to capture a few images that I was happy with, despite the [...]

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