5 Quick Tips For Better Landscape Photos

In case you missed the huge article 32 Shooting & Planning Tips To Instantly Improve Your Landscape Photos, I’ve created a quick video with my 5 favourite tips for landscape photography. I’m afraid there are no great secrets in here, most of them are well known, but not necessarily well practiced.

My biggest suggestion for improving your landscapes, […]

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When Sunset is Disappointing – 14 Ways Blue Hour Can Save Your Images

Recently we spoke about why shooting at the Golden Hour is so important when capturing a powerful mood in our photos (Why Is The Golden Hour So Important To Landscape Photographers?). Yet, more often than not, the Golden Hour doesn’t provide us with a stunning show. Fortunately we still have the blue hour, which […]

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Forget HDR Software – 5 Ways To Blend Any Exposures In Photoshop

In this week’s tutorial, I show you 5 ways to blend any exposures in Photoshop. Anyone who has followed my website and blog for a while will know that I stopped using any form of HDR software a long time ago. I believe that, while certain software offers us an easy solution, nothing is as […]

How to Use a Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL) Like a Champ

Since I started my Challenge Jimmy series, I’ve had a number of emails from photographers asking me how to fix an inconsistent sky they captured with their polariser filter. Coming away with a sky that has areas of varying brightness is a common side effect of using a circular polarising filter.

Not only does Joshua Cripps, […]

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CJ8: How To Create Gorgeous Light Rays In Your Landscapes in Photoshop

This is the 8th episode of Challenge Jimmy, where you can send me your images and I can offer advice on processing them. If you’d like to take part, please email me your JPEGs at challengejimmymc (a) gmail.com

Thank you to Ryan Courreges for sending in today’s images. In this tutorial we will look at how to […]

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32 Shooting & Planning Tips To Instantly Improve Your Landscape Photos

I absolutely love landscape photography. I’m never more comfortable than when I’m surrounded by nature’s beauty with my camera. Over the years I’ve made a lot of errors, many of which I’ve learned from, and have hopefully improved my whole landscape shooting experience.

Being a full time photographer, I need to maximise my chance of coming […]

Photoshop Secrets 23: How To Create Autumn Colours

I’ve been asked by a number of people how I created the Autumn Colours function in Raya Pro. It’s actually a very simple process in Photoshop. With a Hue/Saturation layer we use the hand-tool to select a particular range of colours and then we simple change the Hue of these colours.


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How to Use the Histogram in Photoshop

The histogram is an extremely important reference, both in shooting and post processing. In shooting it gives us a far more accurate read out of the distribution of light in our images, than previewing the images on the LCD screen on our camera.

We can immediately know if our exposures have any clipped areas, just by […]

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Photoshop Secrets 23: The Easy Way To Stitch difficult Panoramas

Panoramas can be tricky to shoot and stitch together. When done well, they can also be extremely impacting. But sometimes, Photoshop, or other panorama software, don’t like the files you’re trying to stitch together. In this tutorial, I show you two awesome techniques to stitch even the most difficult panoramas together in Photoshop.

The video also […]

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Understanding The 3 Primary Metering Modes

The guys at SLR Lounge have created a very concise guide to understanding and using the three most common metering modes: Spot, Average and Matrix (they may be called something else on your camera).

For simple scenes, Matrix or Average metering will suffice, especially if you’re auto-bracketing. However, a very useful technique to manually bracket is […]

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