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“Go straight to purchasing the tutorials. I can’t describe how fundamentally it has changed my editing and results. Life changing!” Tom Stone

Collywell bay~The Art of Digital Blending~

Transform Your Photography Forever. Learn The Secrets Of The Professionals

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Is It Time For Your Images To Be Wowing Audiences?

Luminosity Masks Tutorials

-The Most advanced Luminosity Mask Tutorial In The World

- Start Competing With The Best In The Photography Industry

- Wow Customers And Businesses With Your Imagery

-Be At The Forefront Of Digital Blending Techniques

-Increase Your Exposure Through Stunning Imagery

-Create Beautifully Processed, Balanced Photos in Photoshop

-Push your Photoshop skills to a new level

You will learn…

  • What luminance masks are and how to create them.
  • How to effortlessly blend multiple exposures to create a balanced, sharp HDR.
  • How to create advanced selections using temporary adjustment layers
  • How to create targeted local contrast to make your images pop
  • How to intersect Alpha channels to further refine selections.
  • How to subtract channels to make precise luminosity selections
  • How to use a 100% non-destructive workflow
  • Quick and accurate selective adjustment layers
  • How to increase and decrease contrast between very specific luminosity values
  • How to accurately target areas for sharpening while avoiding areas prone to noise
  • Bonus tutorial included – follow a full 32 bit workflow using Photoshops 32 bit merge function
  • Bonus Tutorial Included – How to use ACR 7.3 to make your images look stunning in only 10 minutes.

What’s Included?

  • More than 1 hour and 40 minutes of fast paced, luminosity mask training, based around 4 video workflows and one comprehensive introduction to luminosity masks video that you can download and work with at your own pace.
  • The full Luminance mask action set containing 18 advanced selections
  • A bonus workflow showing you how to create stunning images using only 32 bit processing and Adobe Camera Raw 7.3.
  • All of the original RAW files for you to follow along with
  • All videos are in MP4 format so you can follow them on mobile devices too

What are the Software Requirements?

Photoshop CS4 upwards is necessary for the full luminance mask course. To follow the 32 bit bonus tutorial, Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Camera Raw 7.3 is needed

Preview the course via this time-lapse of two of the workflows

“Jimmy’s Advanced course will take your cookie dough post processing and carve it into wood with utmost craftsmanship”
I can truly recommended it for those who would like to take your HDR processing to the next level. I will definitely will be using technique learn from that videos and incorporate it to my workflow.”
Franciscus Tan, Portfolio
Amazing. It so fundamentally makes sense. Image luminosity controls in lightroom (and basic controls in ACR and photoshop) are so blunt in impact and effect compared to this methodology.” “If Ansel Adams was alive he’d have gone digital and would be using this workflow and methodology and he would so readily “get it.”
Michael Colby

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- Frequently Asked Questions - Will this work with Photoshop Elements? No, this is compatible only with PS CS3 and above. Do I get to keep the videos or is it an online course? This is a downloadable pack which means you don’t need the internet to view the videos. You can watch them any time at your own pace. Do you accept credit cards? We accept paypal but if you don’t have a paypal account simply go down to the ‘Don’t have a paypal account?’ option and pay securely with credit or debit card. If I purchase the course do I have to download it immediately? Not at all! If you’re at work or even on a train and you buy the course, an email with the download link will go to the email address you included in the payment. You can then download it when it’s more convenient for you! Will this work on a Mac computer? This will work on both a Mac and Pc. When I try to extract the file it says there’s an error and it is corrupt. This doesn’t happen often but just means either there was a problem during the download or during the extraction process. Try downloading the file again and unpacking it, possibly with a different program if the problem persists.

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