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Would you like to earn extra income from photography?

  • Do you own a photography website?
  • Are you a photography blogger?
  • Do you have an established following of photographers on social media?

If so, join our Photography Affiliate Program and you could also start making money now!


Here’s How it works?

It’s simple – share, refer or advertise any of our products, be that in a newsletter, on your website, on social media or even referring to a friend. Include your unique affiliate link for others to follow. When someone clicks on the link they are sent to our website. Any purchases that the user then makes in the next 30 days earns you a commission (typically between 10%-20% of the sale, depending on the products you promote). That’s all! there’s no hidden terms and conditions there are no catches. You can start whenever you like and if it’s not for you, simply stop at any time.

The most effective ways to get the most from our affiliate program is to send a direct newsletter to your subscribers promoting your experience with our products. And, or creating a post on social media showcasing your skills with our products, a before and after image really grabs the viewers attention.

Commissions That We Pay

– Courses –

20% – $8 USD

Exposure Blend Like a Pro

25% – $11.25 USD

33% – $14.85 USD

30% – $21.00 USD

30% – $21.00 USD

– Software –

20% – $5 USD

25% – $9 USD

– Bundles –

20% – $20 USD

20% – $39.80 USD

20% – $26 USD

Please note: From time to time we run promotions. If products are purchased while on promotion commission values will be affected. For example; If a customer buys Jimmy’s Big 5 at $69.99 you would get 30% which is $21. If a customer buys Jimmy’s Big 5 with a 10% discount at $62.99 you will still get 30% which would be $18.89.



How to Join Our Photography Affiliate Program?

It’s very easy! We use the very popular checkout provider called E-Junkie to sell our products. To learn more about E-Junkie click on the logo below.

E-Junkie processes all of our sales securely and calculates all of our affiliate commissions automatically. You receive an email as soon as a purchase is made, so you know when you’ve made money. You can also access your own sales reports whenever you like. It’s all completely FREE for you to join! Click the button below.


How To Use Your Affiliate Link?

When you create your affiliate account this is the screen you are presented with:

Under “Your Affiliate Program” select Jimmy McIntyre.

Look for your Common Hop Links

  • Copy the HTML codes provided and paste them wherever you want to display your affiliate link:
  • Click inside a code box to Select All code;
  • Right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) in that code box again, then click Copy;
  • Paste the code into the raw HTML source code of your Web page, wherever you want the link to appear among your own layout, text and images.

The code you are given in the Affiliate Admin area is the complete HTML code required to create a link, so you’d just paste that as-is into your Web page’s source code. If you want to place a link somewhere that does not allow you to paste HTML, you will need to extract the link URL out of the code you obtain from Affiliate Admin. If the HTML code for your Affiliate link looks like this:

<a href=”” target=”ejejcsingle”>Click here to visit Jimmy McIntyre.</a>

…then the URL portion of that (which you can provide to or paste into a plain-text email or a browser address bar) would be just this part:

The YYYYYY parts in the examples shown are to be replaced with your unique affiliate ID which you can find under the “Edit Profile” menu.

How to get paid from our Photography Affiliate Program?

You must have a PayPal account, that is the only method of payment that we use. Typically payments are made around the 8th to the 15th of each month.


Direct Product Links

If you are running a promotion or writing an article on a specific product you can use the links below to create a direct link to that specific product page. Please make sure that you replace YYYYYY in the links with your unique Affiliate ID.



Mastering Lumi32 Course

Art of Digital Blending

Exposure Blend Like an Expert

Jimmy’s Big 5 Photos

Art of Photography



Raya Pro 


All Bundles

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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