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Raya Pro General Support

1. Other Windows Disappear When I click On Them.

2. Layers (Stacks) Buttons Not Blending or Making Exposures

3. Detail Enhancer 2 Not Finishing

4. Web Prepare Not Giving Me The Correctly Sized Image

5. Unable to Drag Actions into the Actions Dialogue

6. Can I change the Your Actions buttons?

7. Where I can I download the Raya Pro manual and actions?

8. What is the current version of Raya Pro and what version do I have?

9. Precision Masks – Not Working

10. Can’t Auto-Align smart objects opened from ACR

11. Sharpen For Web – 300 PPI

12. Sharpen For Web – RGB vs sRGB

13. Precision Masks – Command Select Is Not Currently Available

14. Flashing/Disappearing Panels CC 2018

15. Precision Masks Error: Command ‘invert’ is not currently available


1. Other Windows Disappear When I click On Them

When other windows, like an adjustment window, or refine edge, or color select (etc.), is open, and it disappears when you click on the window, you just need to make sure Raya Pro is docked. In other words, it is kept somewhere, like near the histogram in the grey vertical menu bar (as seen in my YouTube videos). And when a window is open, simply press the Raya Pro icon to close the panel. Now you should be able to make the adjustment without the window disappearing.

Please note: this is a known problem with Photoshop CC 2015 on Windows only with larger panels. Hopefully Adobe will address this in future updates.