5 Awesome Apps For Photographers

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In this conveniently digital age, we photographers have never had it so easy. At the click of a button on our mobile devices we can instantly obtain information about even the most remote locations.

By choosing the right apps, we can prepare correctly for a successful shoot, leaving only the weather to partial-chance.


Here are 5 Awesome Apps For Photographers

1. Sun Seeker $6.99 (Lite Option Free)

With this wonderful app, not only can you check the position of sun, and the direction/trajectory it takes throughout the day relative to your subject, you can also use the Augmented Reality option to make your life much easier. See the video below for a demonstration:

Sun Seeker - Augmented Reality iPhone app

2. World Tides 2014 (UK) £1.49 or TideTrac (US) $2.99

It is essential for seascape photographers to know at what level the tide will be when shooting. This ensures you’re taking advantage of the location at prime shooting. Equally important, you will know whether or not the tide is in-coming or out-going, reducing the chance of you being swept away. Thank you to Phil Whittaker for the recommendation.

World Tide Screen Shot


3. NDFilter Calculator & Sheet $1.99

For long exposure photographers – If you tend to free-style your exposure times, you may find this calculator will make your life easier, and your exposures more balanced.

nd filter

4. Maps With Me Pro $4.99

This little app is a life saver. You don’t need a wifi connection. Using your GPS, you can find your way around more-or-less anywhere. I’ve been using it flawlessly in South Korea for a month now and haven’t gotten lost once. It is fundamental to my planning process now. Thank you to Michael Murphy for the suggestion.

Screen Shot From Maps With Me



5. Pocket Light Meter Free

This handy app adds to your fully manual workflow. More relevant for film photographers than digital photographers, this can still be useful when manually exposing for a scene…and it’s free!

Screen Shot From Pocket Light Meter

light meter

What are some of your favourite photography related apps?

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5 Awesome Apps For Photographers
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Marshall Machado
Marshall Machado
6 years ago

Thanks Jimmy!

David Masterson
David Masterson
6 years ago

PhotoPills is my favorite. Basically Sun Seeker on steroids.

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