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Filters and Finish UXP

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How To Use The Filters & Finish Panel

Filters and Finish Tutorial

Raya Pro Tutorial - Finish and Filter

Video Content

  • 0:06 – Tool Tips
  • 0:44 – Filters Panel
  • 1:16 – Your Actions
  • 1:51 – More Functionality
  • 2:07 – Clean CA
  • 2:34 – Light Vignette
  • 2:43 – Manual Vignette
  • 3:54 – Sharpening
  • 4:10 – Sharpening Without Edging
  • 5:52 – Frequency Separation
  • 6:38 – Sharpen & Prepare for the Web
  • 7:23 – Reveal Sensor Dust
  • 8:15 – Detail Enhancer
  • 9:54 Save As & Colour Profiling

Written Instructions for the Filters and Finish Panel

  • Filters: In the top left of the panel there are 8 filters. It’s best to play with these and see what works best for you. And remember, for each filter you can always lower the opacity of the layers within if you want to lessen or change the effect. Basically, you can shape these filters to suit your style of processing.
  • Your Actions: In this section you can create your very own actions and access them in the Raya Pro panel. Here is a video on how to set that up
    How to Load Your Actions - Raya Pro

    You can download the needed actions here: Your Actions
  • Reduce Noise: This accesses Photoshop’s inbuilt noise reduction function.
  • Clean CA: Is a great way to manually paint out any chromatic aberration. Here is a video demonstrating this:
    The ULTIMATE Way To Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop (Action Included)
  • Light Vignette: Creates a soft vignette.
  • Man Vignette: Creates a vignette that, with a white brush selected, lets you craft your own vignette. See that demonstrated here:
    Tutorial: How To Use Luminosity Masks and Single Exposures (One Exposure)
  • Sharpen Full: Simply adds an Unsharp mask layer to your photo.
  • Sharpen No Edge: Lets you sharpen your image without white edging. Demonstrated here:
    How To Sharpen Photos Cleanly in Photoshop Without White Edging
  • Freq Sep 8/16: This is a great tool, but it’s better to see it in action here:
    Quick Photoshop Secrets 12: Clean Up Your Landscapes With Frequency Separation
  • Sharpen For the Web: Lets you sharpen and resize your photos for the web, while also switching to the correct colour profile. You have various levels of sharpness to work with. The top layer is the sharpest. The bottom layer the least sharp.
  • Reveal Dust: To use this, please press Merge in the Hub panel or hold down ctrl+alt+shift+E (cmd+opt+sht+E on a Mac) and created a Merged layer. Then press Reveal Dust. It will create a black and white layer which reveals sensor dirt. To remove the dirt, use the clone stamp or similar and work directly on the Merged layer (not the black and white layer). Once done, delete the sensor dirt layer.
  • Detail Enhance: This is the best detail enhancer in Raya Pro, in my opinion. It’s pretty straight forward. Press the button and press Okay. Then remember to reduce the opacity of the detail layer and mask in the areas you wish to enhance details. Otherwise the effect may be too strong.

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