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How To Create a Snow Scene in Photoshop

How To Create a Snow Scene in Photoshop

This tutorial is from a fantastic portrait photographer who I have great admiration for. Glyn Dewis has a series of tutorials and handy youtube videos which are fun and easy to follow. Although Glyn primarily works with portraits, occasionally he does produce a little gem that can be used in Landscape photography. Such as this quick tip on how to create a snow scene in photoshop.

Create a Winter Snow Scene with Photoshop #65

Our Review

What I really like about this tutorial is the subject or scene. We have all taken photographs similar to this. Because it is relatively flat and unappealing, we never give those image a second glance. Glyn shows us how we can bring a bit of fantasy into our flat and boring images. Having the creative foresight to see such potential in images like this, is a special talent.

There are a few key tips that Glyn repeats so just in case you’ve missed them, here they are.

  1. When selecting the colour range. Use the sampler tool and click in multiple different areas to get the correct selection. In this example, Glyn wanted to concentrate his selection on the ground. It took several attempts to get the correct selection. Whatever shows up as white will be selected. The closer to white the stronger the selection.
  2. Increase the ‘Fuzziness of the selection to gradually spread the selection. This will give a smoother balance to the image when adding the snow.
  3. To soften the snow effect add a very small amount of gaussian blur.
  4. The image has to be right. The sky is flat (like a winter sky would be). The lighting is flat, there is very little shadow cast this allows for a broad selection.

This technique for me could help to extend your portfolio. By looking at some of the images you had previously discarded to find one or two that fit the bill. You could have a good play around with the image using this technique in photoshop and turn that flat scene it into a wonderful winter landscape. 

Here you can see the magical Before and After. Taking this dull woodland and turning into a fantasy winter land forest. I went one step further than Glyn and used Raya Pro to add an Orton effect to add an extra frosty feel.

creating a winter scene in photoshop

creating a winter scene in photoshop

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Be sure to subscribe to Gylns Youtube Channel where he regularly posts new content for us all to enjoy..

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How To Create a Snow Scene in Photoshop
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