Preview Raya Pro 2.0 (New Exposure Blending Tools and more..) – Out on February 23rd

Preview Raya Pro 2.0 (New Exposure Blending Tools and more..) Coming February 23rd

Preview Raya Pro 2.0 (New Exposure Blending Tools and more..) – Out on February 23rd

Welcome to the newest version of Raya Pro, 2.0! the panel includes new exposure blending tools, precise contrast adjustments, dodge & burn tools, sharpening tools, and much more.

Remember, all users of Raya Pro get updates for life. So if you are an existing user, you will be emailed the new panel on the 23rd of February to the email address you used to purchase the panel.

If you are considering purchasing Raya Pro but wanted to wait until 2.0 was released, feel free to purchase the panel before that. You will still get 2.0 when it comes out for free!

UPDATE: For everyone who has purchased the Mastering Raya Pro course, I will be sending you an updated module which teaches Precision Masks along with the Raya Pro 2.0 update.

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Preview Raya Pro 2.0 (New Exposure Blending Tools and more..) – Out on February 23rd

21 thoughts on “Preview Raya Pro 2.0 (New Exposure Blending Tools and more..) – Out on February 23rd

  1. Hi Jimmy, I’ve been watching your videos and have learned a lot. I’m about to purchase Raya Pro but was wondering if you will be updating the accompanying tutorial that goes with it to match the new features in version 2.0?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the message. The course will indeed be updated. Only the updated panel will be sent out on the 23rd of February, but if you purchase the course too, you just need to email me for the updated course and I will be happy to send it along.


  2. Hey Jimmy,
    I purchased Raya Pro v.1 a month or two ago along with the instructional courses. I’m really excited v. 2 as it looks even easier to use, and of course the fact that it’s a free upgrade. My question is, do I have to purchase the courses for v.2 also? Seems unfair considering I haven’t even had time to watch all of the v.1 videos yet.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the message. This is the same question as the commenter below (Jeff). Would it be possible to give my reply a quick read.

      Please note, however, that although I am giving the course update for free, it wouldn’t be right to say that it was unfair if I chose not to. I promised to give every Raya Pro user free updates for life. But I do not promise that for the course. My giving the updated course for free is just a bonus from me, something nice I’ve chosen to do as a thank you. But it would be equally fair if I chose not to give the course update for free, since that was not part of the guarantee when purchasing the course.

      I hope that makes sense

  3. Quick question: I purchased the Raya Pro v. 1 when it first came out. On the tutorials (also purchased), you mentioned how we could not use part of the panel, due to the fact you needed CC Photoshop. Since I am still a dye hard CS6 (no cloud service), will you be setting up the v.2 and the tutorial review for us CS6 users out there so we can fully utilize the Raya Pro v2?

    1. Hi Deb,
      The new additions to Raya Pro work in CS6 and CC equally. In the previous panel it was only the Range Masks that wouldn’t, so no worries with the update. In other words, everything you see in the videos will be done in CC, but will be exactly the same in CS6.

  4. A lot of good work you’ve put into this Jimmy! Keep it up, it’s my go-to tool within Photoshop and not you’ve just gone and added more bells and whistles! Lovely 🙂

  5. Looks great Jimmy! Some very useful tools added to an already fine Photoshop Extension product. Look forward to version 2. Thank you.

  6. I’d like to buy Rya pro but can’t find official video tutorial on how to use it. Please point me there if it exists.


  7. Hello Jimmy, I bought your raya pro including video tutorials.
    I thought it was easy to follow video tutorials without knowing English too.
    I was wrong…
    It would be nice that you can translate your tutorials in Italian.
    The plugin is excellent, thanks

  8. Hello Jimmy. I used to use only Lightroom to post processing my photos, as Photoshop seemed to me a bit too complicated. Since I have purchased Raya Pro and get some experience in Photoshop environment, I started using it every day. Now Lightroom is only used for metadata and publishing purposes. Waiting hard for version 2.0 as I know it will come with a bunch of usefull tutorials, which makes every amateur photographer’s (like me) life easier.

  9. Jimmy, Raya Pro 2.0….WOW! Outstanding in every regard! I’ve been able to go back and blend pictures I had given up on. Thank you!

  10. Hi Jimmy – I am looking at purchasing Raya Pro 2. As at the moment, I have been reviewing some of my images from over the last couple of years, and the processing all looks the same, as I have fallen into the HDR trap, and my friends (None Photographers) who look at my images say that “They Have Been Over Processed & Unnatural” – I have also been looking at someones images from 500px, and they use Raya Pro 2, these images look so beautiful and natural even to the point of “WOW” – I thought I would love to use Raya Pro 2. – A little bit about myself, I love walking photography & travel photography. Although when I do this I am 90% not using a tripod, I shoot single images (I Do Not Shoot A Sequence Of Bracketed Images) so taken that into consideration, do you think Raya Pro 2 would work for me on single images.

    John R McNally
    Newcastle on Tyne

  11. Hi Jimmy, thanks for everything!! I’ve been away from my photography for several months due to a period of major transition. (bought a house, not a sex change!!) Recently I got back to it, and first thing was to update my Photoshop and Lightroom (CC 2017). Following that, InstaMask would not load. I tried several things including re-downloading it and re-and-re the panel, to no avail. The same complaint about improper signing. Just before emailing to ask what to do, I discovered you’d already taken care of it and provided a fix. Hooraay!! I’m back in business and really eager to get into Art of Photography and spend the fall and winter making some great pieces. I really enjoy your courses and material. Thanks again.

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