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1. Luminosity Masks: ‘The command “Duplicate” is not currently available

2. Luminosity Masks: ‘Command Set Not Available’

3. I Get a Pink or Red Screen

4. I Can’t Paint Inside the Selection


1. ‘The command “Duplicate” is not currently available

This is happening because the image you are working with doesn’t have enough contrast. If the masks are stopping while creating the Brights masks, then if you look at the histogram for your image you will see that the there are no highlights, or over exposed areas (the right side of the histogram is empty). Without this information it isn’t possible, or necessary to generate the rest of the masks. If the Darks are stopping, then the image doesn’t have enough darker tones to work with. You can confirm this by looking at the left side of your histogram. Try this, find a contrasting image with strong highlights and shadows and run the masks on that. You should see that the masks run without any problems.