How To Prepare Your Images in ACR Before Digital Blending in Photoshop

Before we begin the digital blending process, it is important to prepare our RAW files correctly. Fortunately we have the wonderful, Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) to do the job! We can tap into the potential of our RAW files and correct colour, make sure we have no clipped highlights and shadows and reduce lens distortions. [...]

Photography Tutorial – What Is Masking In Photoshop?

At the heart of almost every strong workflow in Photoshop is Masking. However, the process of Masking can be, at first, a tricky idea to get your head around. For the video tutorial on Masking, skip to the bottom of this post. What Is Masking? At its most basic level, Masking is a way of [...]

By | April 8th, 2014|Photoshop For Beginners|6 Comments