Edit A Stunning Sunset/Sunrise in Photoshop with Luminosity Masks

Edit A Stunning Sunset/Sunrise in Photoshop with Luminosity Masks (Without HDR)

Edit A Stunning Sunset/Sunrise in Photoshop with Luminosity Masks

In today’s video we look specifically at luminosity masks and exposure blending a beautiful sunset. We look at some more advanced techniques here, learning how to create a realistic, natural blend. A big thank you to Hermann Forster for the images. If you’re new to masking, a technique I teach in my courses, I encourage you to watch my last Challenge Jimmy video, Blend ANY Exposures With This Tip in Photoshop Including Interior Photos.

I take this a step further in today’s video by introducing double processing, where we duplicate the dark layer and use this to further restore our highlights. You do not need Raya Pro or InstaMask to follow this video, I show you how to do it without the panels.

In the video we also use an entirely non-destructive workflow, and since we are working on smart objects and refining our RAW files in Adobe Camera RAW, we come out with the best possibility of creating a clean image.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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Edit A Stunning Sunset/Sunrise in Photoshop with Luminosity Masks

13 thoughts on “Edit A Stunning Sunset/Sunrise in Photoshop with Luminosity Masks

  1. raya pro 2 is not working anymore.

    i did change nothing.
    my laptop is offline (no internet connection at all) so there was no windows or adobe update installed over night. or anything else that changed.

    everything is exactly as it was yesterday. but today it does not work anymore. WTF is that??

      1. but how is that possible. my system is offline and nothing changed except the date.

        i happily download the new version but i like to know if you timebomb your software. or how this can happend. because… i don´t like it to happen when i travel. so when you timebomb your software it would be nice to have a warning in advance.

        1. Hi there, I don’t know what you mean by timebombing software. But I can tell you this, this is the first error we have had in 3 years. These things happen. We fixed it in an hour, and all is well now. It would be wonderful if all software worked perfectly all the time, but sadly that isn’t the case. But we can guarantee that we will fix any problem as quickly as is possible.

          1. some software authors build a timebomb into their software.
            a date at when you HAVE to update or renew your licence online or the software will stop working.

            anyway glad i have a fixed version now. thx!

          2. Nope, none of that here. No one has to update anything, and once you pay for Raya Pro you never have to renew your license again. I’m afraid this was just an old fashioned error.

        1. I am having an error with Easy Panel on Photoshop cc 2018.
          When creating the luminosity mask, after selecting the mask I wanted (marching ants still on), I selected the photo to blend but the mask won’t be selected. The brush included all the area it went inside and outside the masks.

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