Occasionally we come across a talent so unique and beautifully displayed we simply have to share it. Today, we proudly welcome you to the wonderful macro world of Andrey Pavlov. Andrey takes us into a magical land, ruled by ants, that will inspire you to take up macro photography if you haven’t already. According to Andrey, all of the ants are living, in other words, this is macro done the right way. Andrey says he could take dozens, sometime hundreds of images, to get to his final composite, which is created in Photoshop.

Firstly, some links. Read this lovely description of the ant world that Andrey brings to life – Parallel World of Ants. Next, check out his various galleries – they will amaze you. Finally, join his wonderful facebook page to continue this journey into the world of ants.

Some of our favourite images of the world of ants by Andrey Pavlov

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