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Occasionally we come across a talent so unique and beautifully displayed we simply have to share it. Today, we proudly welcome you to the wonderful macro world of Andrey Pavlov. Andrey takes us into a magical land, ruled by ants, that will inspire you to take up macro photography if you haven’t already. According to Andrey, all of the ants are living, in other words, this is macro done the right way. Andrey says he could take dozens, sometime hundreds of images, to get to his final composite, which is created in Photoshop.

Andrey has shown us what patience can bring. I imagine him watching for hours on end. Waiting, for the scene to unfold before him. If only we could master the power of Pym particles from the Marvel film Ant-Man. Who knows, with such huge amounts of time and dedication Andrey might very well have figured out a way to train these ants. We simply are left to wonder, but what we do know for certain is that Andrey is one of the best macro photographers out there. I love how he is able to capture the community element of day to day life in the colony. The depth of field, crispness and vibrance in his images make them very pleasing and joyful to us viewers. 

Andrey, we thank you for bringing us these amazing images.

Here are some of our favourite images of the world of ants by Andrey Pavlov

You can see more here with the Ant Tales series by Andrey Pavlov

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Magical Macro Photography
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