Raya Pro Tutorial – Finish Your Images

Raya Pro Tutorial - Finish Your Images & Prepare For The Web

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Raya Pro Tutorial – Finish Your Images

5 thoughts on “Raya Pro Tutorial – Finish Your Images

  1. once you apply sensor dust effect, how do you get out of it? its good to remove spots but sadly i dont see how I get my normal picture back, this step was left out in your tutorial

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Seem to be having a problem with resizing images for the web using the tab and the preset image sizes, e.g., if I want to resize to 2048px and I click the 2048 button the image size I end up with is actually 3420px. Same thing occurs for any of the size buttons in that they don’t resize to the actual pixel dimensions indicated by the button label. Your tutorial video above simply suggests clicking the button but there’s no walk through of this part of the preparation for the web. If you could suggest a solution it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Simon,
      Thank you for purchasing Raya Pro. Please could you go to Edit>Color Settings and change your color settings to one of the more advanced color settings, Adobe RGB or ProPhoto. This will also give you a greater richness of color to work with. You may also have to go to Edit>Convert to Profile and change the color settings there, if you are currently working on an image.
      Thank you

      1. Hi Jimmy,
        Thanks for your response however I have to tell you that I already work in ProPhoto in both Lightroom and Photoshop and richness of color isn’t the problem, the problem is resizing using the preset action buttons on the tab to resize and sharpen for web. Cheers.

        1. Hi There,
          Thanks for the update. The resize function is dependent on your color profile, which is why I recommended you change your profile, but the sharpening and resizing tool should work with ProPhoto. Please could you try it with Adobe RGB and let me know the results via the contact form on this site. I will then send you an updated version of Raya Pro so that it will work with any color profile you choose. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.


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